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No direct temperature data for the 27 August 1883 event at Mt. Krakatoa were gathered but we have direct information from other eruptions.

Temperatures of the gases and other materials leaving the vent, were likely in the range of 1,000 °C* (1,830 °F) as they breached the atmosphere.

There were many intermittent, strombolian eruptions involving minor lava flows. Temperature for these, though not measured at the time, were likely in the range of 700 - 1,200 °C* (1,200 - 2,200 °F).

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The eruptions had a definite impact on global temperature. An estimated 45 km3 (11 mi3) of debris into the atmosphere, obscuring the sky up to 442 km (275 mi) from the eruption. In 13 days, a layer of dust, sulfur dioxide, and other gases darkened global skies, and began to reduce the atmosphere's insolation rate (relating to the amount of sunlight able to reach Earth's surface). The average global temperature was reduced by about 1°C over the next five years.

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Q: What is the temperature of Krakatoa?
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Much of Krakatoa's surface is the same temperature as any othe ground surface. During an eruption, the surface can be close to 2000 degrees where lava is present.

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