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What is the temperature of absolute zero?

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because the hotter the air the faster the molecules move, the colder the air the slower the molecules move ,absolute zero is a temperature where molecules get so cold that they cant move anymore that temperature is -459.67°F or -273.15°C if you looked on a temperature scale they would be (the more common way,the actual temperature without a point) (a point is .) -459°F or -273°C , that temperature is without the point (.)

in the kelvin temperature way the temperature is 0 kelvin (written in kelvin temperature like this 0 K) its just a K no degree symbol (degree symbols look like ° ) hoped this helped,bye

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Difference between absolute zero and absolute temperature?

Absolute zero is the lowest possible temperature (zero kelvin). Absolute temperature is the temperature, measured from absolute zero - in other words, any temperature, measured (usually) on the kelvin scale.

What is a absolute zero and what happends to the molecules of a substance at absolute zero?

Absolute zero is the least possible temperature in the cosmos. There is no negative temperature below this absolute zero. At absolute zero the molecules come to rest position.

Is zero degrees Kelvin absolute temperature?

It is absolute zero.

Absolute zero temperature?

Absolute zero temperature is 0 kelvin that is -273 degree Celsius

Is there absolute maximum temperature like absolute zero minimum temperature?


Which temperature scale uses absolute zero?

Kelvin temperature scale uses absolute zero as the zero. Though you can find absolute zero in all temperature scales i.e. −459.67 degrees Fahrenheit and -273.15 degrees Celsius. But Kelvin is the scale that absolute zero is 0.

What is the absolute zero temperature for kelvin?

Zero kelvins is absolute zero, which is -273.15 degrees Celsius.

What is absolute zero in kelvin?

Absolute zero in Kelvin Temperature Scale is 273.15K.

How do you use absolute zero in a sentence?

Nothing moves when the temperature is at absolute zero.

The temperature -273 degrees Celsius is called?

That is called "absolute zero". It is the starting point of the Kelvin temperature scale.That is called "absolute zero". It is the starting point of the Kelvin temperature scale.That is called "absolute zero". It is the starting point of the Kelvin temperature scale.That is called "absolute zero". It is the starting point of the Kelvin temperature scale.

What is absolute zero the temperature of?

it is the temperature of ice

What effects would lower the temperature at absolute zero have on brownian motion?

You cannot lower the temperature if you are at absolute zero.

What is the difference between kelvin and absolute kelvin?

Kelvin is the absolute temperature - a temperature where absolute zero, the lowest temperature possible, is defined as zero. Therefore, in the phrase "absolute Kelvin", the word "absolute" seems redundant.

The lowest temperature a superconducter can work at?

0oK, or absolute zero is the lowest temperature. Superconductors have a critical temperature at which they begin to work, but it is the highest temperature, and they function as superconductors at any temperature lower, down to as close to absolute zero as they can be made to be (absolute zero is unachievable).

What is celsius temperature at absolute zero?

Absolute zero = 0 K = -273.15°C

What is the value of absolute zero?

Absolute zero in temperature occurs at -273 deg celsius.

What is significant about the temperature of absolute zero?

At absolute zero the particles would theoretically cease.

What temperature scale includes absolute zero?

The Kelvin Scale contains absolute zero.

-273.15 celsius is the temperature of absolute zero?

Yes. -273.15 degrees Celsius is absolute zero, and on the Kelvin scale, absolute zero is 0K.

What is the closest anyone has gotten to absolute zero?

Absolute zero is zero degrees Kelvin. The closest temperature that has gotten to absolute zero is 0.0001K for helium gas.

The impossibility of reaching a temperature of absolute zero is incorporated in?

The Third Law of Thermodynamics."Absolute zero (0 K) is the lower limit of temperature. The temperature of absolute zero cannot be attained physically because to do so would require virtually all the heat to be taken from an object. Therefore, it is impossible to attain a temperature of absolute zero."

What is absulote zero?

Absolute zero is the coldest theoretical temperature; the temperature at which all subatomic movement is zero.

What is the difference between ambient temperature and absolute temperature?

Ambient temperature is the current temperature of the surrounding environmentAbsolute temperature is the temperature of something relative to absolute zero

Is absolute temperature is same like absolute zero?

No, but they are related. Absolute zero is the coldest possible temperature. Absolute temperature is the temperature above this coldest possible temperature - i.e., how much hotter is it than the coldest theoretically possible temperature. Celsius temperature isn't absolute. It starts from the temperature of freezing water, and it needs negative numbers for anything colder than that. Fahrenheit temperature isn't absolute. It says that zero is 32 degrees colder than freezing water, and it needs negative numbers for anything colder than that. Absolute temperature starts from absolute zero. Nothing is colder than that, so absolute temperature is never a negative number.

What temperature is absolute zero in C and F?

Absolute zero = 0 K = -273.15°C