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The average temperature on Venus is about 464 °C (867°F).

It is this hot because it is the second planet from the sun, and has what scientists call a 'runaway greenhouse' effect. A thick layer of clouds (carbon dioxide and some sulfuric acid) covers the surface and traps infrared radiation, raising the surface temperature of the planet.

The movement of the atmosphere gives the entire planet a nearly uniform temperature all year long, even at the poles and even at night. 900 degrees Fahrenheit The temperature at the surface of Venus is 740 K (467 °C, 872 °F). 750 to 930 degrees Fahrenheit (398 to 498 Celsius).
The temperature doesn't vary much on the planet.The averagevalue is about 460 degrees Celsius.

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What Planet has a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius?

Venus has a surface temperature close to this.Venus has a surface temperature close to this.Venus has a surface temperature close to this.Venus has a surface temperature close to this.

What is Venus' core temperature?

The Core Temperature of Venus is around 7,000 °C :)

Which planet has the highest maximum temperature?

The planet Venus with a constant temperature of 735oKelvin 360oC

Why is mercury temperature higher than Venus?

It is not. Venus' temperature is higher due to its runaway greenhouse effect.

What causes a high surface temperature on venus?

Sulfuric Acid clouds cause the high temperature on Venus.

Would the temperature of venus be higher or lower than temperature of earth?

The measured temperature of Venus is, on average, much higher than that of earth.

What is the highest temperature on Venus?

The highest temperature is 478oC.

What is the temperature on venues?

•The temperature on Venus is 464°C

What is Venus' average temperature?

The average temperature on Venus is about 460 degrees Celsius which is 860 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does Venus get cold at night?

No it does not. Venus is the same temperature day and night.

Can Venus be lived on?

No. The surface temperature of Venus is about 850 degrees Fahrenheit.

How does the temperature of Venus compare to the temperature of Earth?

Venus is much hotter than Earth due to the greenhouse effect. Temperatures on Venus can get as high as 860 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the maximum temperature in degrees Celsius on Venus?

hi the maximum temperature in degrese celsius on venus is 460 degrese celsius

What type of clothing would you wear on Planet Venus?

On the planet Venus, you would wear clothing that will keep you cool. The temperature on Venus is much higher than the temperature on Earth.

What is the highest temperature of all the planets?

The highest temperatures of all the planets are found on Venus; Venus' average temperature is 449 C!

Why does mercury have the hottest temperature?

It doesn't. Venus has the "hottest" temperature of the planets.

Is Venus the hottest planet in the world?

With a temperature of 462 degrees, Venus is the hottest planet.

What is the temputare of Venus?

the temperature of Venus is 449 degrees Celsius and 850 degrees Fahrenheit

What is the temperature on Venus in an average day?

It is about 462 degrees hot in summer on VENUS. jay

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What is planet Venus' temperature?


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What are the temperature extremes on the planet venus?


What is the temperature on Venus in Fahrenheit?

850 deggres

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