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Q: What is the temperature range of British Columbia?
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What mountain range is in British Columbia?

The Rocky Mountain range is in, but not completely inside of, British Columbia. The Coast Mountain Range is completely within B.C. As are the Cariboo Mountains, the Nechako Range, the Fawnie Range, the Whitesail Range, the Itcha Range, the Wolverine Range, the Lillooet Range, the Camelsfoot Range, the Monashee Mountains, the Columbia Mountains, the Selkirk Mountains, etc.

What mountain range separates British Columbia from Alberta?

The mountain range that forms the boundary between British Columbia and Alberta in Canada is the Rocky Mountains. The highest point in Alberta is called Mount Columbia.

Which mountain range is on the border between British Columbia and Alberta?

Philpson Range

Which mountain range is dividing Alberta and British Columbia?

these are the Rocky mountains

What mountain range that forms the backbone of British Columbia?

The Rocky Mountains

What mountain range extends from British Columbia to New Mexico?

The Rockies

What is the average temperature range in the winter for the Columbia plateau?

ur mamma

Mountain range on border between Alberta and British Columbia in Canada?


What is the average temperature in Vancouver British Columbia at the winter?

It gets hot and cold

What mountain range is on the British Columbia coast?

It is the Coast Range. The Coast Range is part of a larger group known as the Pacific Coast Ranges.

What physical region is the cascade range located?

through the british columbia and north carolina...

What cascade Range volcano erupted through a glacier?

Mount Garibaldi (British Columbia, Canada)