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What is the tempo of daniw?

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One the main advantage of using the coefficient of variation over the standard deviation to measure volatility is the fact that CV is normalized and can be used to directly compare different asset's volatility. The standard deviation must be used in the context of the mean of the data.

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What is the meaning of Daniw?

it's an ilocano poem ...

When is tempo going to get out of jail?

tempo was sentenced in 2002 for 24 years.he was a "drug dealer"bad boy!!!FREETEMPOFREE TEMPO FREE TEMPO FREE TEMPO FREE TEMPO FREE TEMPO FREE TEMPO FREE TEMPO FREE TEMPO FREE TEMPO FREE TEMPO.................................................................if he's not out yet there keeping him for all 24 yrs

What does tempo primo mean in music?

Tempo primo: first tempo. You changed tempo earlier, now go back to the original tempo

Is tempo an adverb?

No, the word "tempo" is not an adverb.The word "tempo" is a noun.

What is 'tempo' when translated from Italian to English?

Tempo in Italian means "tempo," "time" or "weather" in English.

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for August 2 2013?

Upbeat Tempo(this was a rerun episode from 11/9/2012)Upbeat TempoUpbeat TempoUpbeat TempoUpbeat TempoUpbeat Tempo

What term means resume speed in music?

a tempo/at tempo/Tempo 1

What is the word for tempo fluctuations?

The word for tempo fluctuations can be a few different words, depending on how the tempo is fluctuating. Accelerando is when the tempo speeds up. Ritardando is when the tempo slows down.

What is the tempo of Pluto?

the tempo is 186.098

What is a synonym for 'tempo'?

Synonyms for tempo include speed, beat, rhythm, and pace

How do you use 'tempo' in a sentence?

you have to keep in a tempo when a metronome in music class.

What tempo is Halo by Beyonce?

it has a moderate tempo

Can a tempo get louder?

Tempo cannot get louder, because the tempo is the pace that the music is being played at. The dynamics and the pitchor the tone can become louder, but not the tempo.

Why is the tempo of manang biday song is fast?


What Do you call Speed in Music?

tempo Is called a tempo.

What does Lo stesso tempo mean?

The same tempo.

What does tempo di marca mean?

"March tempo."

What is tempo in music?

The Tempo of music is the speed of the music.

What is a sentence for tempo?

Tempo is the timing or pace of something.

Who is stroger ldrago or twisted tempo?

Twisted tempo

Which term refers to the speed of music?


What Italian and Latin words can the English word 'tempo' be traced to?

The word "tempo" can be traced to the Latin word tempusand the Italian word tempo for "time."

What is the term in Music that means to return to the original speed?

Hey man,Tempo primo is the term you are looking for. Tempo Primo means to return to the original tempo of the piece. However lets say for example that the tempo changes in sections B and D. If you want to return to the changed tempo in B (which is different from the ORIGINAL tempo or section A tempo), the term is known as a tempoGood luck!Mr.Impossible Chord

What is music 'tempo' when translated from Italian to English?

Music tempo in Italian is the speed with which the music moves.

What is 'tempo' when translated from Italian and Latin to English?

Tempo in Italian and Latin is "time" and "to time" in English.