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Q: What is the term for a complex system with many departments and rules?
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What term is for a complex system with many departments and rules?


What is the livers smallest organ?

Its individual cells, as in any organ. It is a complex organ with many "departments" dedicated to many different functions.

How many departments are there in the UK's system of government?

The government in the United Kingdom is made up of 24 Ministerial Departments and their executive agencies. It also has an 26 additional non-Ministerial Departments.

Why does our government need people to volunteer in their communities?

The government, after all, has limited resources. In addition, governments are bureaucracies (complex systems with many departments, many rules, and many people in the chain of command). Because of this, government cannot always respond quickly or efficiently to social problems. In many cases, the best solutions come from private citizens.

What right does the tenth Amendment protect?

The rules for marriages, divorces, driving licenses, voting, state taxes, job and school requirements, rules for police and fire departments, and many more.

How many departments are they in France?

there are 96 mainland departments and 5 oversea departments.

Example of a enrollment system in a flowchart?

Well, an enrollment system in a flowchart will depend on how many enrollments and departments your company has. It is basically a customizable chart.

How many departments are in the president cabinet?

15 Departments

How many cabinet departments are there?

There are 14 departments of the us cabinet

How many parts are there in respiratory system?

it depends on how complex you want well the brief number is 12 but the complex number is 38 :)

How many departments are there in arbroath tesco?

there is 42 departments in tesco.

How many cabnit departments are there?

In the USA there are 356 Cabinet Departments

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