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Q: What is the term used to describe a developing baby after having a full set of organs?
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When a body organs are present what is the developing baby called?


At the time body organs are present what is the developing baby called?

I think it is Zygot but i am not sure, hope i helped

How can you tell a neon tetra is having a baby?

The female may develop a swollen belly, caused by the developing eggs.

Where can a teratoma be found?

Teratoma is a tumor that can be found in a developing baby, it is usually benign in newborns and do not spread. They are normally found in organs including the brain, liver,and lung.

In what female organ does a developing baby grow?

The female organ that a developing baby grows in is the uterus.

What effects does marijuana have during pregnancy?

That is like making a baby smoke weed but worse since the fetus is developing new organs. They can also get addicted to it. Everything you put into your body they get as well.

Where does a developing baby get their food and oxygen from?

A developing baby gets its oxygen from the blood traveling through the umbilical cord.

What are some of the risks involved in having a pregnancy ultrasound done?

The risks of having a pregnancy ultrasound are minimal compared to the benefits. The ultrasound is not an invasive procedure, but can provide a good picture of how the baby is developing.

Is Laura having girls?

That is to-be-determined. She may have a miscarriage, and the babies, or baby, may change gender, which is simple, because it's organs are not fully developed.

What is a fetous?

A fetus is a developing baby.

Can a baby pregnant a baby girl?

No. Babies do not have mature reproductive organs.

You are 27 weeks pregnant and you have been having a lot of lower abdominal pressures why is that?

Your baby is growing. It's pressing on other organs in your body. It's normal.