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"The Stepmother" by Arnold Bennett explores the theme of familial relationships, specifically the complicated relationship between a stepmother and her stepdaughter. The story portrays the challenges and tensions that can arise when a stepmother tries to establish a relationship with her stepchild.

The stepmother in the story, Mrs. Baines, is portrayed as a well-meaning woman who wants to do right by her stepdaughter, but struggles to connect with her. The stepdaughter, however, resents Mrs. Baines for taking her mother's place and feels that she is being forced to accept her as a replacement. The theme of conflicting emotions and loyalties is central to the story.

Overall, the theme of "The Stepmother" is the complex dynamics of blended families, and how the relationships between step-parents and stepchildren can be challenging and fraught with tension.

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Q: What is the theme in the stepmother by Arnold bennet?
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