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the theme of the number the stars book is the truth

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why was the bravery in the number the stars book in the first theme

Number the Stars is an historical fiction book by Lois Lowry.

Number the Stars is not a film, it is a book.

In "Number the Stars" Mama's favorite book was "Gone With The Wind".

Number the Stars is historical fiction.

"Number the Stars" is historical fiction.

she is a irl in nmber the stars

the theme is if you stick to something you'll be great at it.

Lois Lowry was the author of Number The Stars.

Annemarie had blonde hair in the book Number the stars

what does annimarie realize after she heard peters news in the book number the stars

Yes, Lois Lowry wrote the book "Number the Stars".

number the stars is the most awesome book ever

I personally enjoyed it very much. Also note it's a Newberry winner.Yes, Number the Stars is a good book.

Ellen Rosen, a Jew, is Annemarie's best friend in the book Number the Stars.

Annemarie Johansen is the protagonist of Number the Stars by Lois Lowry.

Yes, it is a real book. No, it is not a true story.

The book "Number the Stars" is by Lois Lowry. In the book, the character Peter Neilson is captured by the Nazi's and executed in a public place.

Number the Stars is a book that was written in 1989 by Lois Lowry. It is a story about escaping the Holocaust.

Number the stars by Lois Lowry is set in Denmark, 1940.

The book number the stars was wriiten was because Lois Lowry wanted to make a kids book explaing the Holocaust and how the Jews try to escape from the Nazi.

The author wrote the book "number the stars" in 1988, so its 2012-1988=24 years old

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