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Q: What is the theme of the poem four sonnets by toribia mano?
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Who is toribia mano?

she is the author of I am proud to be a filipino

You are proud to be a filipino by Toribia Mano?

I Am Proud to be A Filipino Toribia A. Mano it shows the trajectory of our ancestors, the beautiful country rich in culture, our natural color and appearance, the tropical spices that can only be found here, our history, the love for each other, and we should be proud because we are Filipinos

How did Toribia Mano influence the poem you are proud to be a filipino?

The poem by Toribia Mano is actually called "I am Proud to be a Filipino." She influences the poem by only speaking of the good and positive things about living in the Philippines. She speaks of sunshine, natural resources and crops, and the good fishing. She also talks about the great weather and the beauty. She fails to mention things like the economy, poverty, drug problems, and lack of healthcare.

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