What is the timing for a 1983 Motorhome-454 cubic inch engine The motorhome is 31' in lenght Is the timing setting the same for all 454 engines made in 1983 If so then you know the answer?

First of all, the size of the motorhome has absolutely nothing to do with how to repair the engine. Specify which make of engine it is, and you may get better results. Tgzzzz: I don't understand how someone could write the above incredibly ignorant comment. If you don't know what a 454 is, stop talking and start listening! Hi! I have a 1984 motorhome (31' ;-) with a Chevy P30-series chassis, 454 engine. The timing is on the air filter cover and is listed as 4 deg. BTDC. I tried looking this up online for myself--the Chevy-published info for this chassis & engine didn't indicate a timing, and directed me to look other than where the timing info _was_ located--and I haven't found it (and I've found a lot of red herrings). You might start w/4 deg., but perhaps a "history of the 454" would indicate model changes which might help with whether or not what I'm seeing would be of use to you.