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The tip of a triangle is known as a vertex. A triangle has 3 vertices, 3 sides, and 3 angles.

As well, apex can be described as the pointed end of a triangle tip.

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What is the tip or a triangle called?

The vertex or the apex. I prefer apex to describe the upper most tip of a triangle.

What is a triangle called with equal sides?

equilateral triangle tip: All sides are equal :)

The height of a triangle?

The height of a triangle, is the length of the line that runs from the tip of the triangle to the triangle base and perpendicular to it.

The body of water called that surrounds the Bahamas?

It's called the Atlantic Ocean but some would say that's in the Bermuda triangle. The Bermuda triangle is an imaginary triangle that runs from the tip of Florida to the Puertorrican Trench in the north coast of Puerto Rico to the Bermudas.

What are the nam given to the tip of a triangle?

The vertex

What do you call the highest tip of a triangle?

A notch

What does the word tritip mean?

The tri-tip roast, sometimes called a triangle roast, is the portion of meat that is at the bottom of sirloin.

What is a four letter word for a triangle tip?


What are some names of solid figures with a tip?


What geometric figure is suggested by the tip of a pencil?


What is a snooker triangle called?

It is called the triangle.

What is a verticies?

They are corners of a 3D shape. or can be a tip of a triangle in the inside!

Where is the bramuta triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular area of water that is located in the Atlantic Ocean. This area covers from the tip of Florida to Bermuda, down to Puerto Rico and back to the tip of Florida.

What is the tip of a mountain called?

The tip of a mountain is called a peak.

What is the tip of a pencil called?

The tip of a pencil is called the nib.

What is a triangle with no sides the same length called?

This triangle is called a scalene triangle.

What is a sideways triangle called?

a triangle

When one angle in a triangle is right angle it is called as?

A right angle triangle

Does a right angle triangle have 90 degree angle?

Yes. That is why it is called a right angle triangle!Yes. That is why it is called a right angle triangle!Yes. That is why it is called a right angle triangle!Yes. That is why it is called a right angle triangle!

What is the derivation of the formulae of the surface area of a cone?

You can approximate the surface area by lots of triangles (base of the triangle on the base of the cone, and tip of the triangle at the tip of the cone), and analyze what happens when the triangles get narrower and narrower.

What is a triangle inserted in a triangle called?

inscribed triangle

What is a triangle inside a triangle is called?

An inscribed triangle.

How close is the Bermuda triangle to Bermuda?

Bermuda is the northern tip of the Triangle. The other two tips are Florida and Puerto Rico.

What is the symbol of a diode?

A general purpose diode is drawn as a triangle with a bar at the triangle tip, perpendicular to it. The bar indicates the cathode.

What is a three sided figure called?

It is called a triangle.