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What is the top race car drivers salary?


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September 06, 2011 2:31AM

Formula 1

1: Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, US$51 million

2: Ralf Schumacher, Toyota, US$25 million.

3: Fernando Alonso, McLaren, US$22 million.

4: Jenson Button, Honda, US$18 million.

5: Rubens Barrichello, Honda, US$12 million.

6: Jarno Trulli, Toyota, US$10 million.

7: Felipe Massa, Ferrari, US$8 million.

8: Giancarlo Fisichella, Renault, US$7 million.

9: Mark Webber, Red Bull, US$5 million.

10. Takuma Sato, Super Aguri, US$4.5 million.

Indy Car:

Under the proposed revenue sharing system, AGR's four-car armada would take a pay cut since Dario Franchitti, Tony Kanaan, Danica Patrick and Marco Andretti earned more than $7 million in 2007 and would receive "only" $5.2 million in 2008. (For more info):


NASCAR drivers salaries, thanks to SI says the highest-paid driver in 2005 was Dale Earnhardt Jr., whose annual salary and earnings totaled $5,761,830, but that's not all. His endorsements earned $20,000,000, bringing his sub-total compensation to $25,761,830. That number doesn't include sales of Dale Earnhardt Jr. merchandise and earnings from the racing company that he owns. SI says his total take in '05 would approach $50 million!

The second $25 million is really for his role as a business owner, not directly for Dale Jr.'s work as a race car driver. While there are substantial risks to racing (Dale Sr. died on the race track), the pay is still impressive.