What is the trade in value of a Nintendo DSi?

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Sadly, probably not as much as you originally payed for it. Gamestop's trade in value for the console is $18.00 (in perfect condition). You might as well keep the system.

What can the Nintendo DSi do?

The Nintendo DSi has two cameras (one on the inside, one on the outside), which are used for taking pictures. These pictures can also be manipulated in various ways, and posted to Facebook. The DSi can play DS game cards as well as DSiWare, which can be downloaded from the DSi Shop. It can also ( Full Answer )

What is a Nintendo dsi?

the Nintendo dsi is the Nintendo ds. it has 2 cameras one on the back one on the front and it connects to the internet also it has bigger screens then the ds and is slimmer then the ds .it can also download apps to play when you have nothing to do and ti has an sd card slot hope that helped ( Full Answer )

What is the Nintendo DSi?

The Nintendo DSi is the most recent model of DS system currently available. It is basically the same as the DS Lite, but has two cameras for taking pictures, can record and edit sound and music, is compatible with SD cards, and can download and play DSiWare from the DSi Shop.

What can a Nintendo dsi do?

A Nintendo dsi can do the same things a ds can: play games, picto chat, etc. and it also has 2 built in cameras. You can use the web and can download games as well

Can you trade the Nintendo DS Lite for the Nintendo DSi?

If you mean simply trading one system for the other, then no, you cannot. The Nintendo DSi is worth about $150 while the DS Lite is worth about $110. You can, however, trade in the Nintendo DS Lite and cash for the Nintendo DSi. If you choose that method, you will need about $40 or so more to cov ( Full Answer )

Can you trade your Nintendo DS in for a Nintendo DSi?

You cannot trade in your DS for a DSi without paying extra money, due to the DSi being more advanced and up to date. Also, the condition of the item can control how much it is worth. If you have a trashed DS and want a DSi, you can get $20 for it. Some companies have offers that allow you to get mor ( Full Answer )

Can you trade your Nintendo DS with games for a Nintendo DSi?

It depends on how many games and what kinds of games you are trading in. Three games that are usually on clearance and aren't selling fast will not be worth nearly as much as two brand new "Pokemon Platinum" games. You will get a larger discount off of your purchase for the DSi, but it ultimately de ( Full Answer )

What does a Nintendo DSi have?

The standard DS card slot, two cameras, a music player that plays ACC files saved onto an SD card, an SD card slot, online DSi shop, Pictochat, DS download play, and a couple of downloadable applications such as the free Web Browser.

What can you do on the Nintendo DSi?

take photos on different lenses, record music, play around with music, play games, go on the internet and play games!

What do need to trade in your Nintendo DS Lite for a Nintendo DSi?

Some shops allow part trading, however, the Nintendo DSi does not need Nintendo DS parts. Gamestop is currently offering the trading of the DSL for the DSi. If you trade in your DSL then you can get $70 towards the DSi (which is currently priced at $170). :) Yes that is right but the deal is no ( Full Answer )

What is the i in the Nintendo DSi?

i think the "i" in dsi means itself. there are alot of answers that I got but I think it really means double screen interaction The I in dsi means 'individual' as the camera functionality is sort of independent, like the wii is a family console. All together it is Dual Screen Individual.

How do you put dsi ware on the Nintendo DSi?

First go to the dsi shop. Located on the dsi with a link with a shopping bag on it. You'll need to go through a couple things first. Then press something that says start shopping. Then press dsi ware or something that says dsi ware comes up. hmph god uhh hi

What can an Nintendo DSi do?

The dsi has 2 built-in cameras which alows the user to take photos and play around with them. For example, the face changer game (this is were you can pull your face around to make it look umvery strange). It also has a brighter screen and a colour chooser witch means you can take photos and change ( Full Answer )

Can you trade in your Nintendo DS Lite for a Nintendo DSi?

No. A DSi is worth mabye 50-100 dollars more than the Lite, and I doubt you'll find any place that will let you do this. However, if you sold your DS Lite, and came up with another 100 dollars seperately, then you would be able to buy one. -EML

What does the DSI part on Nintendo DSi mean?

I know the DS part stands for dual screen but im not sure why Nintendo put the "i" in there, but at the end of commercials it says, "Nintendo DSi: What will you and "i" do." According to Nintendo of America's David Young, it means your DS is "individual". This is intended to imply that the gaming e ( Full Answer )

Can you trade a broken Nintendo DS for a Nintendo DSi?

Sort of. When I got my DSi for Christmas last year, It wouldn't accept game cards. We called tech support and they examined it. They said it was a factory flaw and sent us a new one in the mail!

How is Nintendo dsi?

The Nintendo DSI, well I don't have it, but I will buy it with my birthday money which is in exactly 1 month. From the information that I have read the DSI (dual screen- the "i" stand for two things, "I" as in me, and i for internet) can take pictures. You can edit the pictures and put accessories o ( Full Answer )

What does a Nintendo DSi have in it?

It has Settings, 2 cameras, it takes regular DS games, it has a voice recorder, and it has pizcto chat, and DSI shop, and it has internet

What can you do on a Nintendo dsi?

WHAT CAN YOU DO ON A NINTENDO DSI!!?? You're kidding me. The DSi comes with a camera with lens you can edit and mess with (isn't that cool!?) and comes with a sound editor so you can mess with your voice (isn't that also cool!?), also with Internet Browser (actually you have to buy this on the DSi S ( Full Answer )

Should I get a Nintendo DSi or DSi XL?

They are barely any different. The DSi XL has better screens and a longer battery life, but it's not easy to carry because it's much bigger. Since the DSi is cheaper, I would recommend that, unless you have problems with your sight, or if you would use it regularly with others (the XL is designed ( Full Answer )

What can a Nintendo dsi you do?

Did you mean what can you do on a Nintendo DSi? You can take pictures, capture sounds, warp pictures, warp sounds, make flipbooks, see how alike two people are . You can do a lot of stuff.

Can you trade in your dsi for a dsi XL?

Yes you can trade the dsi for a dsi XL. But then i think you will have to pay $80.00 or $100.000 depending.The dsi XL cost $189.99. Hope i answered your questions for all of you. :D no need to further answer this question the 3ds has come out

What is the difference between the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL?

Both are nearly the same. The only difference, by far, is size. If you like to bring your portable system with you, then space is usually a priority. The DSi is a great travel size, which makes it the likely option to bring. If you prefer your portable system to be like a mini-console like the ( Full Answer )

What is SSID in Nintendo DSi?

SSID is Service set identifier which just is the "name" of your network. In this place you should enter the name of the network you want to connect to.

What does the Nintendo DSi have on it?

Regular gaming PictoChat DSi Sound (Recording, playing, and toying with sounds you record) DSi internet connection (Haven't tried it yet) DSi Shopping (Haven't tried it) Dsi Camera (You can draw and dismantle your pictures~!)

How do you connect the Nintendo Wii to the Nintendo DSi?

The only way i know of is: 1) go to the mii channel on the wii menu 2) press a, b, 1 and then hold 2 3) wait a few seconds and something should come up asking you if you want to connect (this only works on dsi's, probably dsi XL's too) 4) turn on your ds and go into ds download play (press y ( Full Answer )

Can you exchange your Nintendo DSi for the Nintendo 3DS?

If you have a GameStop or and EB Games near by you can take your Nintendo DS and get store trade in credit for your DS and use it towards the purchase of the 3DS. Now I'm not sure where you live but I know that the 3DS is around $249.99 and the trade in value for a DSi is less then half of that. ( Full Answer )

When you trade in a Nintendo DSi does it have to be in its box?

A Nintendo DSi does not have to be in its box to trade it to gaming stores such as GameStop. They will accept it if it is in usable or salvageable condition. Some stores may not give you as much money, but many people try to give it to them in its box so it shows that you care about the item, and yo ( Full Answer )

Can you trade in your dsi XL for a Nintendo 3ds?

I am 99.99% sure that you cannot trade in the DSi XL for a 3DS without needing to pay or trade extra.* But what you could do is trade in your DSi XL with a couple games and extra cash, and you should have saved up enough to get your 3DS. *You would have to find an extremely good deal, and I don ( Full Answer )

Where to trade in DSi?

You can Trade a DSI in at Gamestop, they will give you credits for your DSI to buy something else, such as a 3DS.

Where can you download Nintendo music on the Nintendo DSi?

If you have an SD card then you can listen to your music. Well if you have an SD card slot in your PC (computer), stick it in then you can download any song(s) in it. then take your SD card out, stick it in into your personal DSi (XL), then go to the app (if that is what they call it...) Nintendo ( Full Answer )

How much is the a 3ds when you trade in your Nintendo DSi?

Depends where you get it. I traded my DSI in, but that was on the day it came out (so, it was expensive). I'd say you'd get it for €100 if not less! Go to your local game store and they'll tell you, I'm sure.

What does a Nintendo DSi have that a Nintendo ds hasent?

DSi has camera functions, internet capabilities, and the addition of the DS store. however, its not much of a difference in terms of game play unless you're talking about getting a DSi XL which is basicly a DSi but larger screen and such. Otherwise gameplay isn't affected in anyway. If you are loo ( Full Answer )