What is the treatment for rsd?

RSD is treated using a number of different things. Pain medicine i usually the first treatment, then Sympathetic Nerve Block. Acupuncture, Hypoberic Oxygen, and Spinal Chord Stimulators are also used.

As a victim of RSD, I know first hand that physical activity and stimuli is the best treatment.

I have had RSD for the past 28 years it has now become more severe since working has aggravated the problem so much more. But as to treatments there are many that are not mentioned that have been attempted on me. In fact because there are so many different ways that RSD affects different people there are as many different ways of trying to treat it. I am now on narcotics with a SCS but still some days are really bad and other not quite so bad. If you are a sufferer of RD i recommend finding a good pain clinic/dr. in your area who is very familiar with RSD and visiting him/her to try different options like scs or pain pumps etc.etc.