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Q: What is the umbrellas called in victrian times?
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Did umbrellas exist in Victorian times?

Yes, but they were called parasols.

In the Victorian times did they have umbrellas?

Yes, they had umbrellas.

How did convicts live in Victorian times?

well convicts didn't really live in England back in the victrian times they were set to Australia.

What are the similarities from the victrian toys to today toys?

the similarities Are,in Victorian times they did not have electricity and some of the toys we have doesn't have electricity

What item were originally called Hanways?


Where can I get wholesale patio umbrellas?

There are a few different websites that offer wholesale prices on patio umbrellas. One of the websites is called Wholesale Umbrellas, you could also check Ebay.

Where can one find outdoor umbrellas on sale?

A website called has patio umbrellas on sale up to 30% off regular prices. They have aluminum umbrellas, wood umbrellas, fiberglass umbrellas made of good quality materials. Their customer ratings are good, and shipping costs are kept to a minimum.

What is a collector of umbrellas called?

Try brolliologist

Do rabbits have umbrellas?

No they don't have umbrellas.

What do people in London call umbrellas?

Umbrellas or 'brollies'.

What is Plural of umberlla?

The plural of "umbrella" is "umbrellas."

What do you think of garden umbrellas Do they hold up?

In my experience, garden umbrellas are great (if you know where to look and if you buy quality umbrellas. I wouldn't recommend aluminium garden umbrellas. Wood umbrellas would be your best choice. You should find all sorts of umbrellas at your local Home and Garden center.