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Cordroy =)

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Q: What is the unique material that the official FFA jacket is made from?
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What is a life jacket?

jacket made of buoyant material: a sleeveless jacket made of light material or filled with air, used to keep somebody afloat in water-Lucille Ball1Fan

What is an outdoor jacket made of waterproof material called?

anorak raincoat!

What does De que es la chaqueta mean?

Its referring to material. "Of what is the jacket made?"

What do you call a jacket that is like a jean jacket but made out of different material like khaki or something cant think of the dang word that id call them?


What type of jacket is Chicago Bulls jacket?

The official Chicago Bulls jacket is a varsity jacket. They are typically made of wool with an softer inner liner, elastic cuffs, seven metal snap buttons, and embroidered designs representing the team.

Difference between leather jacket and polyester?

Polyester is a man made material that is fabricated as a thread and then woven into a material. Leather is a natural product made by tanning animal skins.

Ski jacket with hard core printed on sleeves?

I think it means the material its made of but it sounds funny

What material is a Levi jacket made of?

Levi Jackets are typically made of denim, a cotton twill textile with an indigo-based dye. Most Levi jeans products are made from this material, as are jean jackets in general.

Which material is use in bullet proof jacket?

Kevlar is one of the best and well known bullet proof materials. it was originally made to be a material to make a tire but when they made it it was stronger than they thought it would be.

I am made of a material from trees i can correct your wrongs i glide across your words i become smaller as i age i often wear a jacket artificially made?

An eraser?

How does one rain proof a running jacket?

It depends on the material of the running jacket, but most of them are made to protect the runner from bad weather. Fabrics such as polyester protects the runner by absorbing the extra moisture.

How do you use quilted in a sentence?

A quilted bedspread is soft and warm. Her jacket has a cozy, quilted lining. The bathrobe is made of quilted material.