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It is called the litre, it weighs 1Kg and has 1,000 cc.

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Q: What is the unit of measure called of?
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What is A unit of measure that people agree to use?

is meant by measurement in che mistry

What is called an unit to measure an angle?

the unit is called ( i think ) geomatry!? LOLHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Define what is an unit?

The scale in which measure the Quantitiy is called "unit".

What is most common unit used to measure heat?

there is a device called a hydrometer that measures humidity. theres a unit to measure heat called a calorie. those are two to measure it!

What is the unit to measure an angle called?

A radian.

How long is a cord?

There is no unit of measure called a cord.

The common unit to measure angles is called what?


The common unit to measure angles is called?

degree (apex)

What is a unit used to measure the intensity of sound called?


The unit of measurement used to measure force is called?

A Newton.

What is called si unit?

SI unit kilogram is used to measure mass. It is abbreviated as kg.

Is a square with a side length of 1 unit and is used to measure area is called?

A unit square.