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12 donuts for 4.20 = 2 6/7 = 2.8571 donuts (approx) for 1.00


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If 12 are 1.29, then the rate for 1 (a unit) is 0.1075(1.29/12)

a unit rate that gives you the cost....... maybe

A unit rate is a rate that has a denominator of 1. Examples of unit rates include unit cost, gas, mileage and speed

it's when you find what the cost is for 1 thing ex. if you want to know what the price is for 1 donut if 5 donuts cost $22 you put 22 over 5 then divide 22 by 5 and that is your answer.

By dividing something. What you divide will depend on what unit rate you want to find. As an example, let's assume that a dozen (12 units) of a certain product cost $48. If you divide $48 by 12 units, you have a unit rate of 4 dollars/unit. (In principle, you can also divide the other way round; in that case you have 1/4 units/dollar.)

If you find a dozen eggs for $1.20, and then figure out the cost for each egg ($0.10 or ten cents), you have figured out the unit cost. Or the price for one in a group.

Imagine you have 20 objects at a cost of $90. Then the unit rate (the cost of one object) will be found by division. here $90 ÷ 20 = $4.50 (the unit price)

the rate is somthing is the percentage unit of the coast so when u multiply the a squared by the variable y theen u check it :)

If 4 shirts cost 32 then the unit cost of one shirt is 8The currency used £32 or $32 is not stated.

It is known as the unit rate.It is known as the unit rate.It is known as the unit rate.It is known as the unit rate.

The sales price includes variable cost, the cost of the unit and the markup. Sales price is the rate customers pay for the item.

unit rates are simple ex 3 candies cost 75 cents divide 75 by three the unit rate equals 25 cents

The unit rate shows how much per 1 item something is or costs.For example: Suzanne has 12 brownies. They total cost $12.84. What is the unit price?12.84/12=$1.07Therefore, $1.07 is the unit price/rate

A unit rate cannot have a remainder. A unit rate is a ration that has the unit as one and the rate has to be equal. If not, you either did a calculation mistake or the ratio is not a unit rate.

A unit rate is a rate in which the denominator is 1, so a unit rate is a special case of a rate.

It is one form of a unit rate.

1.5 dozen = 18. The unit cost is misspecified and therefore ambiguous. At ten cents each, that would be 180 cents At ten cents for three, it would be 60 cents.

Unit Rates ... Is the rate for one unit of a given quantity. Unit means one .

It is called a unit rate.That's a unit rate.

It is the definition of a unit rate.

A single rate method of cost allocation is called such because only one price rate is used in the calculations. There are two types of single rate methods, the floor area (or superficial) method or the functional unit method. The functional unit method estimates cost based on the functional unit s of a project. e.g. for a school the functional unit is a school place, for a hotel the functional unit is a bedroom and so on. The cost is obtained by studying previous similar projects and dividing the total cost by the number of functional units obtained. So if a school cost £5,000,000 and provided 1000 student places the functional unit cost is £5000 per school place. The superficial method looks at floor area and uses this as its single rate. The price rate used is again based on data taken from similar projects, with similar storey heights. The gross internal floor area (superficial area) is measure and then multiplied by the appropriate rate/m2 to find a cost estimate.

Cost of case divided by number of units. For example you bought a dozen eggs for $ 24.. what is the unit price per egg? $24 / 12 = $2 per egg. or say you are calculating the cost of manufacturing 1 unit.. given: the cost of manufacturing 2000 units of product ABC is as follow, find unit price? Total material cost $ 5000 Total labour cost $ 4000 Other expenses $ 1000 ---------- total cost of manufacturing $ 10000 solution: Total Cost/ no. of unit manufactured 10000/2000 = $5 per unit

The rate for unit of a given quanitity called the unit rate.

The unit rate is 60.5 per day.The unit rate is 60.5 per day.The unit rate is 60.5 per day.The unit rate is 60.5 per day.

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