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Q: What is the uptake of large particles called?
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What is Uptake of large particles?

Uptake of large particles

Benefit of large water uptake in plants?

A Large Mineral Uptake

When tissues are inflamed lymphatic capillaries develop openings that permit uptake of large particles such as cell debris pathogens and cancer cells?


What is it called when large particles get into and out of cells?

Into: endocytosis Out: exocytosis

What is a mixture in which some of the particles will settle out?

Mixtures in which some of the particles settle out are called suspensions. An example of a mixture is dirt mixed with a large amount of water. On the other hand, mixtures in which the particles do not settle out are called colloids.

What is called the Ratio between oxygen uptake and oxygen usage?

ratio between oxygen usage to oxygen uptake is called as Oxygen extraction ratio

What is a homogeneous mixture that contains particles that scatter light?

They are called "colloids". These have large particles that are suspended in a solution.

What is this process occurs when a cell engulfs large food particles?

I am not sure about, "food particles" per se, however when a cell surounds large particles it is called phagocytosis this should not be confused with pinocytosis, which is intended for small molecules

What is a fluid containing solid particles large enough for sedimentation?

This fluid is called suspension.

Is the movement of large particles of solid food or whole cells into the cell?

The movement of large particles of solid food or whole cells into the cell is called phagocytosis. Phagocytosis occurs in three separate steps.

Why is the uptake of nutrients by tropical vegetation so large?

I'm stuck on a similar question, mine is 4 marks long! But i kinow the basics, it's because there is a large amount of vegetation therefore they need to uptake a large amount of nutrients to survive/obtain themselves. hope it helps...

What is it called when large particles need to use energy to pass through cell membranes?

Active Diffusion