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Pueraria mirifica is a plant that is indigenous to north and eastern Thailand. The roots are used as a form of medicine.

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Q: What is the urdu meaning of pueraria mirifica?
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What is the meaning of pueraria mirifica in Tamil language?

pueraria mirifica

What is the Hindi meaning pueraria mirifica?

Pueraria Mirifica does not mean anything in Hindi. Pueraria is latin for a common climbing vine known as kudzu, while mirifica is latin for miracle-maker. Pueraria Mirifica is a plant found in Thailand in Myanmar.

What you call Pueraria mirifica in Telugu language?

Pueraria Mirifica

What is the marathi name for pueraria mirifica?


What is macadamia called in Hindi?

Pueraria Mirifica

Are Pueraria Mirifica Pills sold in any stores?

The commonest stores that sell Pueraria Mirifica are online, but some "real world" herbal/vitamin stores sell various brand items that contain it. If you wish to buy some from a real store, I suggest your find a brand product and go through your local yellow pages to call the stores to find out if they stock it. I know for a fact that Vitamin Shoppe stores sell PM Phytogen Complex.

Dictionary meaning of aniseed in urdu?

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What is the meaning of leg in urdu?

The meaning of leg in urdu is "paoon" or "paer".

What is the meaning of in urdu?

hukumat mean in english

What is mirofirm?

Mirofirm is a naturally occuring substance derived from the ancient asian plant Pueraria Mirifica, and is said to have the power to increase women's bust size. It is the active ingredient in the breast enhancement product Triactol. Whether it actually works is another question ...

When was Inter Mirifica created?

Inter Mirifica was created in 1963.

When was Thala mirifica created?

Thala mirifica was created in 1845.