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An electric can opener opens cans. It is good for those who have problems opening cans with manual can openers.

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Q: What is the use of electric can opener?
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What things in your house use magnets?

a fridge, freezer and an electric can opener

What energy transformation is taking place when you use an electric can opener?


What is function of electric can opener?

The same as a manual can opener: opening the lid on a can.

How do you use a can opener?

== == how do you use a can opener

How do you use can opener?

== == how do you use a can opener

By whom was the electric garage door opener invented?

The first electric garage door opener was invented by C.G. Johnson in the year 1926 in India, Hartford City. Before that the electric garage door opener wasn't very popular.

How many watts in an electric can opener?


When was the electric can opener made?

Electric can openers were invented in the early 1950's

Where online can I go to read reviews about and purchase a red electric can opener?

You can read the reviews on this website and decide if you'd like to purchase a red electric can opener from West Bend.

How does an electric jar opener work?

An Electric Jar opener works by having the lid grabbed by the top of the opener after the jar has been secured tightly by the bottom of the jar opener. After it has grabbed the top of the jar it applies pressure and is able to open the jar properly.

What chemical should you use to clean the can opener?

I am assuming you mean an electric can opener. Remove the cutter assembly and wash it in warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly with hot water, dry and replace. It is a good idea to clean an electric can opener frequently, otherwise the area around the cutter becomes a hotbed for bacteria.

What are the materials of an electric can opener?

Steel, copper and plastics

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