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There is no traditional 'execute' command in Unix.

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Q: What is the use of execute command in unix?
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What is a command in Unix?

Essentially, a command in Unix is a program that you execute for a certain purpose. It could be anything, from a shell script, to copying or deleting files, etc.

Which is the most commonly used command for referencing detailed information about a particular command in UNIX?

In Unix, use the 'man' command.

What command do you use to change your password on a Unix system?

Use the command 'passwd'

List and execute the UNIX command To convert the upper case letters to corresponding lower case letters in a text file?

Use tr:cat file | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'

What is the command to get the Unix version?

cat /proc/version The above answer will only work on certain systems. For most Unix systems, use the 'uname' command to get the Unix version. AIX uses the oslevel command.

What is UNIX SEQ?

I don't know about a SEQ command, but the 'seq' command in Unix will print a sequence of numbers from first to last, with a given increment. Use the 'man seq' command to find out how to use it.

How do you create a user in Unix?

Use useradd command

What command would you use to create a new directory on a unix type of system?

Use the 'mkdir' command

To move to the root directory use the command?

For Unix/Linux, use the command 'cd /' For Windows, you can also use the same command or 'cd \'

List and execute UNIX command to display the number of words in the last 10 lines of any file?

tail -10 anyfile | wc

What is use of -exec in find command of unix?

The -exec option executes the following command on a target of the 'find' command.

Which command in UNIX can search a pattern in documents and list them in line format?

Use the 'grep' command