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Q: What is the usual and most desirable fetal in utero?
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What is the most usual and most desirable fetal position in the utero?

The most desirable presentation is the left occiput anterior and the right occiput anterior.

What is the usual and most desirable fetal positioning in the utero?

You pretty much want your fetus to be positioned head down toward the cervix and vagina because it makes it a whole lot easier on mom and fetus during birth.

What is the most desirable classic Chevelle car?

they are all desirable but the SS is the most desirable

When is Spina Bifida fatal in utero?

Spina Bifida is usually not fatal in utero, especially with modern medicine in developed countries. Before antibiotics were available, most children with Spina Bifida died shortly after birth, but not in utero.

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the most desirable alternative given up in a decision

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None. Fingerprints are not a genetic trait. They're formed in utero

Where in a mother does a fetal pig form?

As in most mammals, the fetal pig will form within the placenta in the uterus of the mother.

What is the most common type of fetal testing?


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There is no specific weight for a certain height, and a desirable weight is whichever your most comfortable with.

How soon can fetal scope detect fetal heartbeat?

The fetal heartbeat can be heard with a fetal scope between 22 and 24 weeks. Most home use fetal dopplers can detect the heartbeat at 12-15 weeks. Clinical level fetal doppler machines that your doctor uses can usually hear the heartbeat between 6-8 weeks.

What is the psychoactive drug that slows fetal growth the most?


Why do you use a fetal pig to study human anatomy?

Because fetal pigs anatomy are the closest and most like a human anatomy

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Why is circulation to the lungs bypassed in fetal pigs?

Pulmonary circulation is bypassed in fetal pigs (actually most fetal mammals) because the lungs serve no purpose in the fetal pig. Gas exchange (oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide release) are accomplished in the mother's lungs, and then transferred to the fetal circulation at the placenta.

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What fetal blood vessel contains the most oxygen?

umblical vein

The fetal heart rate is heard most clearly at the?

site of back

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