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Can you exchange 1000 Brazilian mil cruzados to Brazilian real?

yes , mail to this email

What is the value of 1000 mil cruzados in Brazilian real in India?

The rates change every day. Use this currency converter to calculate it.

Where can you cash 1000 mil cruzados?

First off, mil Cruzados means "a thousand Cruzados". 1000 mil Cruzados means you have 1000 banknotes each worth Cz$1000. Secondly, Brazil hasn't used the Cruzado as a currency in over 20 years. The current Brazilian currency is the Real.

How many Brazilian mil cruzados equal one dollar?

$1 in American money is equal to that of 2.42 Brazilian Real. 2.42 Brazilian Real would be equal to 6655 mil cruzados.

Is the cruzados novos the current currency in Brazil?

No, today's currency is the brazilian Real

What is value of 1 mil cruzados in Indian rupees?

Cruzado isn't a Brazilian currency anymore. The current currency is the Real (R$) One thousand reais worth 25.659 Indian rupees.

What is the value of 410000 cruzeiros?

The value of 410,000 cruzeiros is equal to 149.09 Brazilian real, which is equivalent to $85.15. The Brazilian cruzeiro is obsolete. It was replaced with the Brazilian real on July 1, 1994. One Brazilian real is equivalent to 2750 Brazilian cruzeiros. One Brazilian real is equivalent to 0.571102 U.S. dollars.

What is the value of a 100000 cem Mil Cruzados bill from Brazil in US dollars?

The answer is Zero. Because Brazil changed their currency years ago to the Brazilian Real. And there is a validity period for the change over, and this has passed by. Sorry

What is the value of 1000 mil cruzeiros in US dallors?

Cruzeiros are no longer used as currency in Brazil as of 1994. According to 1,000,000 Cruzeiros exchanges into 179.65 US Dollars. (you say you have 1000 mil cruzeiros - mil means thousand, therefore you have 1,000,000 Cruzeiros). The current Brazilian currency is the Brazilian Real (R$). 1 Brazilian Real = 2,750 Cruzeiros. 1 Brazilian Real = 0.49 US Dollar.

How much is dez mil cruzados worth in American dollars?

The Brazilian Cruzerio is now obsolete. The notes were replaced with the Brazilian Real (BRL) on July 1, 1994. One BRL is equal to 2750 BRC.

When did Brazilian cruzeiro real end?

Brazilian cruzeiro real ended in 1994.

What is the value of a 1927 brasil 1000 reis?

its 10,000 real

What type of money is used in Brazil?

Brazilian currency is the: Real The value of 1 Dollar is, now, about 1,68 Reais ("Reais" is the plural form for "Real")

Who is the woman on the Brazilian dollar?

There is no such thing as the Brazilian Dollar. Brazil's currency is the Real (plural: Reais). The woman in the Brazilian Real is physical representation of the Republic.

How much is a Brazilian real worth in pounds?

Currently, 1 Brazilian Real is approximately worth 40 pence.

Brazil mil cruzados current running in Brazil?

No there aren't. The Brazilian currency is the real. Real has been the Brazilian currency since 1994, when it was instituted as the last of a series of currency stabilization plans.Singular: one real (pronounced "hey-AW")Plural: two reais (pronounced "hey-AYS)Brazilians use periods where Americans use commas, and vice versa. The symbol for the real is R$. So if I want to write two thousand reais and seventeen centavos, or cents, I write R$ 2.000,17

Which Brazilian striker played both for Real Madrid and Barcelona?

the brazilian ronaldo

What currency does Brazil have?

The Brazilian Real

What is Real in Brazil?

the Brazilian currency.

What is 5000 Brazilian cruzados worth?

hate to break it to you but probably nothing. apparently in the late 80's Brazil was going through a lot of economic hardships, which led to incredibly high inflation. like having to take a wheelbarrow of cash to the store to buy a stick of gum kind of inflation. anyways, the cruzado was changed to the cruzado novo (new cruzado) where they shaved off a few zeros, (i.e, 10,000 cruzados=10 cruzados novos), then that was switched out for a cruzeiro, and that was finally exchanged for the currency Brazil is using currently, the Real. yeah my grandma was asking me the same thing, she has over 15,000 cruzados, but that's not even enough to equal one american dollar.

What currency do they have in Brazil?

The currency in Brazil is the Brazilian real. One Brazilian real is equal to 0.45 US dollars or 0.33 Euros.

How many Brazilian Reals in Brazilain Cruzado?

there are no more Brazilian cruzado only real.....

What is Brazilian dollars called?

There's no such thing as a "brazilian dollar". The Brazilian currency is called "Real" (R$). 1 Real is weaker than 1 dollar. The exchange rate changes daily.

Can i still use the Cinco Mil Cruzados?

Absolutely not anymore, the current currency in Brazil is the Real (R$)

How much is a Brazilian Real worth in US dollars?

One Brazilian Real is equal to almost 25 cents in the U.S. currency 1 Brazilian Real = 0,51 US Dollar (currency of May 21st, 2007)

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