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I believe they are 41 cents. I just had the same dilemma. How dumb not to put the value on the face of a stamp!!!

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Q: What is the value of US postage beige background with flag stamp value?
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What is the value of a US postal stamp that has a blue flying bird on a beige background?

I believe you are referring to the G Make up rate stamp. Issued in 1994 it has a face value of 3 cents.

What is the postage value of an A US Postage stamp?


What is the Value of Anna Julia Cooper postage Stamp?

What is the current value of the Anna Julia Cooper postage stamp

What is the vaule of us postage stamp?

The current value for a standard postage stamp is 46 cents.

What is value of us stamp with beige background american flag?

I believe you are referring to the one issued in 2007. That has a face value of 41 cents. Check USPS publication 604a.

What is the face value of the e stamp earth stamp?

The F series stamps were issued in 1991. The postage stamp has a face value of 29 cents.

What is value of postage stamp Season's Greetings 1981?

Face value of the original stamp was $0.20

What is your stamp worth 42 or 44 cents?

The stamp-postage value of a stamp is visible on the front of the stamp.

What is the value of the D postage stamp?

The face value of the D stamp was 22 cents when issued in 1985.

How much is a US postage stamp with a A on it worth?

According to the USPS website, under "Buy Stamps", then "Rate Change", the brown background non-denominated US Flag stamp is $.41. The US flag is one of the most popular subjects for a Postage Stamp and can be found on dozens of them. The value of each will be dependent upon condition and rarity. You would have to identify the specific stamp to determine the value.

What is the value of an A US postage stamp?

15 cents.

What was the value of a postage stamp in 1963?

96214455 doollars