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There were several varieties of large cent minted in 1793 and all are considered to be quite rare. Make sure your coin doesn't have the word COPY worked into the design in small letters, which would indicate it's a modern replica.

If the word COPY isn't on your coin, it should be inspected by a professional dealer or appraiser. Depending on variety and condition, retail prices as of 10/2010 can start at $1300 or so, and run all the way up to over a million dollars.

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Q: What is the value of a 1793 US large cent?
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When was the first US cent made?

The first penny cent piece made by the US Mint was the 1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent - its value in good conditin is: $12,000.

What year was the first US cent made?

The first US cent issued by the United States Mint was the Large Cent in 1793.

What was the first us penny?

The first US one cent coin was the 1793 Flowing Hair large cent.

Value 1735 penny?

Sorry, the first cent produced by the US Treasury was the Flowing Hair Large Cent, Chain Reverse in 1793. I do not have data of the worth of a coin minted in 1735.

What is the value of a US Large Cent?

Please post a new question with the coin's date. Large Cents were made from 1793 to 1857 so without a date it's not possible to provide an estimated value.

What year did pennies first debut?

The debut of the US Large one cent coin was 1793

Whats the oldest American coin?

The US Half cent and the US Large cent were both first minted in 1793 and were the first coins issued by the US Mint.

What is the value of 1853 large large cent?

6-17-11>>> For the series of US Large cents (1793-1857), the 1853 Braided Hair Large cent is the second highest mintage and is not rare or even scarce. Coins in average circulated condition have retail values of $20.00-$30.00.

How much is a penny made in 1793?

A genuine 1793 US large cent is worth at least $2,000. There are two main varieties, and both are exceptionally rare.

What is the history of the US Large Cent?

The US Large Cent was first struck in 1793 under the authority of the United States Govenrment. These coins were minted every year from 1793 through 1857 with the exception of 1815 when a copper shortage prevented production. The large size of these cents was a result of laws which required the cent to be twice the weight of a half cent. By 1857 the cost of producing large copper coins had risen. The result was the half cent was discontinued and the Large cent was replaced with the smaller cents that are familiar today.

How much is a 1788 US penny worth?

You may want to review your coin again - the US Treasury did not mint its frst cent until 1793 (Flowing Hair Large cent, Chain Reverse), followed by the Liberty Cap Large cent (1793-1796). You may have a Treasury medallion. These are struck on cent blanks and have been included in US coin sets for many years. There's one for each Mint. They have no special value because they're the same each year.

What year was the million dollar penny made in?

The "million dollar penny" is an urban legend, nothing else. The highest value of any US cent is about $625,000 for a top-quality 1793 large cent with a chain design on the back.

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