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Hot Wheels did not exist in 1957. Mattel introduced the first Hot Wheels cars in 1968.

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What is the value of a hot wheels car?

Depends - search Ebay to value Hot Wheel cars. The value of original Hot Wheels from the 1960's depends on popularity, condition, color and rarity with those in original blister packs worth more than loose examples. The value of newer Hot Wheels depends on popularity and rarity of the casting.

How do you unlok the ghost car in hot wheels?

hot wheels is stupid

Can hot wheels RC go on carpet?

It depends on which hot wheels car that you have.

What size is a Hot Wheels car?

A Hot Wheels car is a miniature scale version of a real car. They are made on a 1:64 scale of the original car.

What was the value of hot wheels in th 1960's?

It all depends on the car, color, interior, wheels, window, condition, in the package, out of the package....

What is the value of a new hot wheels car?

Who has asked this question? Hot Wheels do not exist! This is only a company who makes mini-model cars to play with. ...Did... who ever this guy who answered this first hasnt a clue. hot wheels exist,what are they a figment of the imagination. what a dope

Do they have a maybach excelero hot wheels car?


Is the hot wheels video car waterproof?


Can hot wheels make the longest car?


Where are the hot wheels car are made?

In China

What is the very first hot wheels car produced?

The very first hot wheels car produced is a dark blue Custom Camaro in 1968

What type of energy does a hot wheels car have?

A hot wheels car that uses gasoline would have mechanical energy, if it uses battery then chemical, and if it is just a little toy car then there is no energy in your car.

What is the first hot wheels car?

It's been said that the Custom Camaro was the first Hot Wheels to be produced.

Can you attract a hot wheels car with a magnet?

if the hot wheel is metal

How much would an unopened hot wheels car be worth if the car is missing windscreen glass?

It's just a production error and is actually very common. It has no greater value than other Hot Wheels cars. Actually, most collectors will leave it hanging.

How much is a 1970 gold with flames sweet sixteen hot wheels car worth?

The value to almost any Hot Wheel can be found on e-bay, and they will have the cheapest prices so you will know the bottom dollar. Just go to e-bay type in Hot Wheels then the type of

How does the weight of a hot wheels car effect the distance of a car?

It doesnt!!

Is a hot wheels car a scale model of a real car?


What is your favourite hot wheels car?

torque twister

Can a magnet attract a hot wheels car?


Who invented the toy car of hot wheels?


How do you get hot wheels to make a model of your car?

It would have to be a very famous car.

Who made first hot wheels cars?

tonkaThe ONLY company that has ever made ANY Hot Wheels car is Mattel....

What is the most popular toy car production?

Hot Wheels.

Who manufactures the most models of car?

Mattel, Hot Wheels

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