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What is the value of a 1957 silver quarter with no mint mark?


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1957 is not a rare date for Washington quarters. Its value is based on the silver it contains -- as of 12/2008, about $2.50


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from 500 dollars to 100 dollars depending if its p mint mark

This date regardless of mint mark is valued for the silver and is worth about $3.25

The mutilation makes it worth only the value of the silver it contains, currently about $3, but it wasn't worth much more before.

About $3 for its metal content. Dealers will pay wholesale prices for single coins, so expect less.

The value of a silver quarter will vary on the year it was minted, the mint mark, and of course, its mint state. If you provide to me a specific coin, I will be able to relay its worth.

About $3 for its silver content. A dealer will pay less.

The 1957 Roosevelt dime is 90% silver. Its value would be determined by condition, date, mint mark and collector demand as a numismatic item. Silver content may be of more value than its numismatic value.

Assuming it's worn from circulation, it would be worth around $3 for its silver content.

About $3.25 for its silver content. A scrap dealer will pay less for a single coin.

If the coin shows any wear, value is for the silver at about $6.00

If it's circulated retail value is about $3.00 Mint state is $4.00-$5.00

About $3 for its metal content. A scrap dealer will pay wholesale, though

$5 to $100,000 depending upon the mint mark, which variety, and the condition of the coin.

Reatil for circulated coins $3.74- $4.20 Mint state $4.30

Value is about $1.00 and JS is NOT a mint mark it's the designers initials, the mint mark is on the reverse. Obverse mint marks were not used on dimes until 1968

A 1945 quarter had a minimum value of $4.80 because of the silver content. If it is in excellent condition it's worth about $7.00. If it has a mint mark that is an D or S it is valued up to $10.00

With no mint mark or a "D" below the eagle, about $3 for its silver content. With an "S" mint mark, it could retail for $6 or $7 in moderately worn condition.

Depending on condition a "D" mintmark may be worth $5.00 an "S" $4.25

August 1, 2009 The US Mint has not issued a quarter with an "M" stamped on it. Probably what you have is a quarter that someone has put their initial on or marked it for some reason. With such a mark it has no numismatic value but is worth $2.52 for the silver it contains.

1951 is a common date Washington quarter, circulated coins are valued mostly for the silver, about $3.00. Uncirculated examples sell for $5.00-$7.00

1964 is the most common silver Washington quarter, it's worth about $3.00

Assuming this is a Barber quarter with no mint mark the retail values are $6.00 for a well worn coin, $30.00 for medium wear and $70.00 for slight wear.

No, the value of the die mark on a New Hampshire State Quarter is not very high to begin with, and the die mark on it may infact decrease the value.

As of mid-2010 they're worth about $3.25 for their silver content but some dates and mint marks could be worth much more to a collector. Check for a mint mark under the bow of the wreath on the back (D, S, or nothing) and look for a previously-answered question in the formWhat is the value of a US quarter?for example, What is the value of a 1945 US quarter?

Retail price is $3.25 in G-4 and bullion value is $3.15

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