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What is the value of a 1972 penny that is silver in color?


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Most likely, your coin has been plated with either zinc, silver, or nickel. This novelty item has no added collector value. The coin may have been dipped in mercury, a common "fun" practice in the 60's and 70's. That would leave a coin with a similar color to other coins, but could be dangerous to handle due to mercury poisoning issues. If there is a coin show in your area, you can take it there for free first-hand examination by the dealers. You may be able to find a local show by clicking on the Related Link, "Coin Shows." This coin could be one that was struck on the wrong 'Planchet'. If it is, it could be worth up to $225.00.


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Your coin has been altered -- possibly silver plated. It has no collector value.

That wasn't something done at the mint, rather the cent was likely plated with zinc or nickel. So it has little to no collector value. The US government has never struck a penny in silver.

The last "Wheat Penny" was made in 1958, a cent date 1972 is just a cent.

It is worth face value.

No 1972 US quarters have silver in them, the last year for silver quarters was 1964. so spend it

The 1972 Eisenhower dollar has no silver in it and the gold plating don't do nothing for the value but it's still a dollar

U.S. pennies have never been made of gold. A 1972 penny is worth about 2 cents due to copper content.

No 1972-S small date varieties are known.

It's worth 2 cents for the copper.

Sorry no silver in this coin and it has only face value.

The current metal value is 19 cents.

Such a coin does not exist. The last general circulation New Zealand Penny was issued in 1964.

Face value only unless it's uncirculated.

Yes an aluminum penny was made in 1972

The last Australian Penny was minted in 1964. Their place in the Australian currency was replaced by the 1 cent coin in 1966.

Its value is 50 cents and has no silver at all in it.

2.50 is what the coin is worth. That yr. there is no silver in that coin.

The Proof 1972-S Eisenhower dollar is a 40% silver coin. Current average market value is $8.00.

One doller.Inless it was made before 1920.

A 1972 Kennedy half dollar contains no silver and is worth 50 cents.

Numismedia lists an approximate retail value as of 07/2009 of $250 for a 1972 double-die cent in circulated condition. Uncirculated ones exceed $400.

The coin is only face value, has no silver and is still in circulation.

Current retail value is $6.00

The coin has NO silver and is face value.

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