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It depends.But if it is a model XL 900, probably $500.If it has neve been fired around$600

AnswerDepends on age, condition, choke, stock, and what a shooter likes. In my opinion, the bottom eject, solid steel receiver the Ithaca is the best pump shotgun available. It is light, strong, smooth and made in the USA.

I have heard that for every ten 12 gauge guns, Ithaca made one 20 gauge. The 16 gauge was popular, was discontinued, and is back now.

One drawback is that the newer guns lack some of the appeal of the older models in finish and stock design, but that's opinion talking. The newest guns rival the older ones in bluing and stock quality.

The newer guns have screw-in chokes, a plus, and the older ones may need factory-fitted barrels. Depending on all that, $150-$400. They're good guns.

AnswerNot enough info provided. What model is it? AnswerI bought my 20 gauge featherweight about 15 yrs ago new for 400.00, added a recoil pad, swivles and strap. I would be curious too at the value of it today but would never sell that gun! New AnswerIf it is the Featherweight, it is still probably worth about $350 - $400. The Ultrafeatherweight (4 3/4 pounds) is bringing more like $500+
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Q: What is the value of a 20 gauge Ithaca shotgun?
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