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What is the value of a 20 gauge Sears 273.2310 Ted Williams Model 200?

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βˆ™ 2008-10-11 12:39:51

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Depending on condition and age, 75-250 USD

2008-10-11 12:39:51
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Q: What is the value of a 20 gauge Sears 273.2310 Ted Williams Model 200?
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Who made the Ted Williams model 300 12 gauge shotgun for Sears?

Winchester, same as model 1400.

How do you disassemble a 12 gauge Sears Ted Williams Model 21 shotgun?

Who made the Sears Ted Williams M-300 20 gauge shotgun serial Q103755?

The Sears Ted Williams Model 300, semi-auto, shotguns were made by Winchester. The Sears 300 is the same as the Winchester Model 1400.

What is the value of 20 gauge sears ted Williams model 200 shotgun?

100-300 USD

What is the value of 20 gauge sears ted Williams model 300 shotgun?

50-300 usd

What is the value of a 12 gauge sears ted Williams model 200 shotgun?

100-260 US Dollars

Who manufactured the Sears Ted Williams Model 75 20 gauge shotgun?

Marlin High Standard made the Model 75 20 ga semi-auto shotgun for Sears

Where can you buy parts for a Sears Roebuck Ted Williams Model 75 semi automatic 20 gauge shotgun?

I have parts for that model.

Where can you find parts for a 20 gauge Sears Roebuck Ted Williams Model 21-20?

We have them.

How much is Sears Ted Williams model 21 12-gauge shotgun worth?

my husband has the ted Williams model 21 12-guage shotgun and we were wondering the value of the gun

Can you please help me find the date of manufacture I have a Sears model 200 ted Williams 20 gauge pump shotgun The id?


What is the value of a sears 12 gauge ted Williams model 66 auto with a 2 34 chamber?

In Excellent condition $200-250 It is a High Standard model actualy.

Who is the original manufacturer of a sears roebuck and company model 75 20 gauge 583.7500 sears-ted Williams? has a store brand cross reference chart that might help you.

What is the value of a 12 gauge Sears Ted Williams Model 300 273.2500?

I would say about $250 in good condition. San Diego, CA

Who made sears shotgun model number 101.100a in a 12 gauge?

your sears shotgun was made by savage arms.There model number was savage model 96.

How old is a model 21 sears and roebuck 20 gauge?

Is the Sears and Roebuck Ted Williams model 300 20 gauge semi-auto shotgun the same gun as a Winchester model 1400 20 gauge semi-auto shotgun?

For all intents and purposes, yes it is. Nearly every part is interchangeable. The Sears guns do not hold the same value, though.

Do you have any info on a Ted Williams model 75 20 gauge semi-auto shotgun?

High Stadanrd

When was this model manufactured12 gauge model 5831 by JC Higgins Sears?

No sn data available.

What is the age of a 20 caliber Sears model 684?

I bought a sears 684 shotgun (12 gauge) at sears around 1979 , for $ 99

What year was sears model 101.100 12 gauge shotgun made?

No sn provided and there is no sn data for Sears.

What company made the Ted Williams Sears Roebuck M200 12 gauge shotgun?


Value of 50 year old sears and roebuk 12 gauge?

What model????

Where can you get owners manual for a sears model 20 16 gauge shotgun sears number 583.2050?

What company manufactured Sears Roebuck 12 gauge model 446 511761 shotguns?

Its a Sears branded Mossberg 500.