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Depending on the condition the value could be $350 or more.

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When was the J Stevens Arms Co Favorite Model 1915 manufactured?

The Stevens model 15 favorite was made from 1915-1940.

What is the value of a J Stevens 22 pump long model 1915 Trade Mark Favorite?

The Stevens 1915 Favorite is not a pump-action rifle. It is a single-shot. First we need to figure out which model you actually have.

What is the value of a Stevens favorite model 1915 with P8 behind the trigger?

15,000 - 20,000 U.S DOLLARS

What is the value of your model 1915 stevens 22cal?

value of a model 1915 22 long rifle, snw465 or 466 j stevens arms company

What is the value of a 22 caliber Stevens model number 1915?

25-100 USD

Stevens Arms 22 rifle model 1915 --you were wanting to know what it is worth?

The Stevens Favorite 1915 typically sells between $100 and $300 depending on condition.

What is value Stevens SS 410ga APR 1915 ser h40414?

what is stevens model 311 410ga s/n h40414

What is the value or a J Stevens Arms 22 LR with Octagon barrel model 1915 named the favorite?

The value of a J Stevens Arms 22 LR with Octagon barrel would depend on a couple different things. The most important being the condition.

What is the age and value of a J Stevens Arms Company Favorite model?

The Stevens Favorites were made from 1893 to 1939. The name "J. Stevens Arms Co" was used from 1920 to about 1948. So yours was made between 1920 and 1939.AnswerI have a Favorite model J Stevens Arms Co rifle that has 1915 stamped on it. It has a hexagon barrel, in very good shape and I believe worth between 4-$600.

What is a Stevens 1915 worth?

The Stevens model 1915 favorite is going for between 125.00 dollars with a specimen in 60% original finish remaining to as high as 300.00 dollars for a specimen that retain,s 90% of its original finish.

When was the Stevens model 525 made?


What is the value of a 22 LR J Stevens Arms Co Favorite Model 1915 W715 Chicopee Falls Mass USA?

The value is $100.00 dollars to $250.00 in prestine condition. Flaws and damage take away from value-scratches and chips-etc.

J Stevens model 1915 32 long with serial no 141 in good condition what is this worth?

Original answer = wrong answer : There is no J Stevens model 1915, so you must first correctly identify the firearm. Since the value can vary widely depending on what it is (a model 34 can run to $950 and a model 51 Schutzen rifle can go to $10,000), proper identification is crutial. You might want to visit a local gunsmith and pay him to research the gun and provide you with an estimate of its value. Right answer: I have a single shot "crack shot" J. Stevens model Favorite 1915 chambered in .22 long rifle SN#166. You are going to have to do the same thing that I am and purchase a book with all Mfrs. and their SN#s. I have searched the web for such info without luck.

How old is your Stevens Savage Mod15-A?

If we are talking about the model 15 favorite,which was a chambered in .22lr,.22WRF,or 25 or 32 rimfire?These rifles were made from 1915-1940.

J Stevens arms company chicopee falls mass us 25 Stevens model 1915 trade mark favorite can you provide more information and possible value of this gun?

From what I havw found out, it is worth about $250. and is very hard to find any info on. More in books than on the internet.

Who made a Model 1915 single shot 22?

Sounds like it's a Stevens Favorite. If marked model 1915, was probably made between that year and 1939. Finding a used stock will be difficult. Having a new stock made will cost you more than the dollar value of the gun. But sometimes there are non-economic reasons that are worth the expense.

When was j Stevens arms and tool company model 235 made?

The J Stevens Arms and tool Company name on their firearms was used from 1886-1915.This model was made by Stevens from 1912-1932.We can deduce that your Model 235 was made sometime between 1912-1915.I hope that you find this information useful.

What is the value of the J Stevens Favorite 22 lr?

It depends on the model and condition. The most common models, the 1894 and 1915, bring from less than $100 to as much as $500, with ones in NRA "good" condition averaging in the $150 to $250 range.

What is the value of a Stevens Favorite model 1915 in 25 cal SN 342?

These rifle,s range in price from 125 dollars for a gun with 60%original finish remaining up to 200 dollars for a gun with 90% original finish remaining on the gun.

What is the value and other information about a J Stevens 22 long rifle model 1915 that has the wood engraved in detail and the name 'Elvia' on the stock?

The wood carving was certainly done after purchase. The Stevens 1915 Favorite was a very popular boy's rifle of the time, and are regularly seen on the market today under $200. The after-market modifications take your rifle out of the collector market.

What is the value of a hammerless double barrel shotgun that says Riverside Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass patented April 20 1915 on the side and is this a Stevens 311?

This is likely a Stevens 315 I also have a hammerless double barrel shotgun but it has J Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass patented April 20 1915.The way I was told to tell what model it was,by the length of the upper tang.The model 315 has a 2 5/8" Tang and a model 515 has a Tang of 2 7/8".My gun is the model 315 and from the J Stevens name I have been told that it was made between 1915 and 1936.As far as the value goes I have seen them go for between $250.-$400. I got mine at a garage sale for $100. 5 years ago.

Find gun parts for J Stevens arms company chicopee falls mass us 32 Stevens model 1915?


Where can you find information about a 22 S-L-LR Stevens Model 75 single shot pump?

STEVENS FAVORITE RIFLEs there are 4 different early Stevens Favorite models made, the earliest, the Sideplate model, then 1889, the 1894 & the 1915. Then in 1971 Savage came out with a Stevens Favorite commemorative model 71 & then in 1972 the model 72, (same gun, different barrel) which was a look alike to the early guns, but no internal parts were interchangeable with the early guns. Early 1999 saw the factory re-introduce a slightly different Favorite yet, which was designated the model 30G If you would like to know more read here there is still parts out there allso follow the link have a Stevens model 75 rifle. I just ordered several books on this web sight "". You would need to check on books in the early 1930s. Hope this helps!

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms Co Favorite Model 1915 32 long Chicopee Mass US?

Answer 75--150the Stevens is worth 75--150 depends on original blue and wood finish and if you find someone who wants one Recent Sales are Far More80%-85% specimens have sold recently on internet auction site for over $200. There is an increasing interest in the Stevens Boy's

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