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A 38 model depending on condition would be in the range of 5 to 8 hundred. I have a 1901 that is in excellent condition with all functionallity and ejects that I would not sell for less than 6 thousand.

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Where can you find different variations of the Remington model 4 rolling block rifle?

Have you tried the Remington Arms web-site? From the information that I have the Number 4 rolling block rifle was made in the following variations: No. 4 Rolling Block Rifle, manufactured from 1890 to 1933 in .22 S-L-LR, .25 Stevens (barrel may be marked "25-10"), or .32 short or long rimfire calibers. Cadet Model (pre-dates the Boy Scout Model) only manufactured from 1911 to 1912..........very rare No. 4-S "Boy Scout Model" caliber .22 S-L-LR No. 4-S Rolling Block Rifle Military (commonly marked "MILITARY MODEL") or "AMERICAN BOY SCOUT" which is also very rare. These were thought to have been used by military academies for training cadets.

Information on your Remington Arms 22 Cal serial 58306?

Is the model # marked? is it an auto, pump, rolling block, ???

Is there pictures of a Remington 550-1 22 caliber rifle?

yes- see the link below marked PICTURES

How do you find model of Remington 22?

Early rolling blocks and the years of the model 12 "pump" were not marked, need a good description to identify.

Did Remington sell a 410 that was made by the Eastern Arms Co?

Doubt it. Eastern Arms was a trade name and not an actual manufacturer. It is possible that some guns marked Eastern Arms Co were manufactured by Remington for Sears Roebuck.

What is the age of a 12 gauge Remington and Sons double barrel shotgun serial 7439 marked with a patent date of April 10 1872 and 'ATC0.1871'?

E. Remington and Sons (predecessor to Remington Arms Co) manufactured firearms in Ilion, New York, from 1860 to 1888.

What is the value of a Remington rolling block shotgun with Pat date of May 31 1864?

nation Remington rifle pat may 5 1864 ilion ny. usa marked nov12,june11,may3,dec31 sept 1872 312872stpta

What caliber is this handgun range model a 2936?

It should be marked as to caliber on the barrel.

What model is a 1906 manufactured 38 caliber considered to be Is it a model 1906 or a model 94?

The model 1906 was only made as a .22 caliber. It is also a slide (pump) action while the model 94 is a lever action. A model 94 made from 1894 to 1929 should be marked "Model 1894". If a model 94 is a .38 caliber it should also be marked "38-55 WCF".

What is the caliber of ce399?

Should be marked on the barrel. It is impossible to tell caliber from the information you provided.

How can you find the age or year of manufacture for Remington model 10 shotgun?

1921 and on they are marked with a barrel code you can look up on the manufactured link on the Remington Society of America, before that need a serial no to tell and then only a year and not the month/year that the code provides.

What is caliber of a gun?

The caliber of a firearm refers to the bore diameter of the barrel,and what caliber is marked near the chamber of the gun,or on the barrel.

Whats the value of a Remington model 4 semi outo 280 cal?

The correct designation is Model Four instead of Model 4.Model Fours were manufactured only from 1981 to 1988 and are therefore very rare and those marked 7MM EXP. REM caliber, or .280 are the rarest of all.In 95% condition the value is $800.

What is the value of a 25-10 caliber Remington Model 4 rim fire rifle?

A Remington No.4 Rolling Block Rifle chambered for the .25 Stevens (barrels marked "25-10"),per S.P. Fjestad's Blue Book of gun values is worth $1,500.00 in 98% condition...$700.00 in 80% condition ... $400.00 in 40% and $250.00 in 10% condition as graded per NRA Standards. Hope this helps...Steve

What is the age of a Remington Woodsmaster Model 81 rifle with 14429 marked on the stock?

My Remington 81 ser#162xx was manufactured 07/1941 There should be a two letter code on the barrel. you can cross reference the two letter code to a production date on Remingtons website.

What caliber is lakefield bolt shotgun?

Shotguns are refered to by "gauge" not "caliber". It should be marked on the barrel.

What year were j c Higgins 16 gauge ammo manufactured?

JC Higgins did not manufacture ammunition - they purchased ammuntion marked or packaged as Sears from established manufacturers. Winchester, Remington, etc.

What caliber is model 1892?

It should be marked on the weapon.

How can you tell what caliber a sako rifle is?

It will be marked on the barrel.

What. 22 caliber rifle by Mossberg is marked as a Wards Western Field 110.41?

My research indicates that this rifle was a Mossberg Mod. 46 which was manufactured in the late 1930's and early 40's

What caliber is your sw 33273?

Impossible to know the caliber with only a serial number. It should be marked on the barrel.

Where are browning bar's manufactured?

Marked on the barrel.

What caliber is a model 325 s x s shotgun?

Shotguns are described by gauge, not caliber. It should be marked on the barrels as to which is the correct ammuntion and gauge. Shotguns are described by gauge, not caliber. It should be marked on the barrels as to which is the correct ammuntion and gauge.

What is the value of a 1895 308 Winchester?

Winchester did not make an 1895 in .308 Winchester Caliber. Marked 30 Army is 30-40 Krag Caliber. Marked 30 US is 30-40 Krag Caliber. Marked 30 Government is either 30-03 Caliber or 30-06 Caliber Marked 30 Government 03 is 30-03 Caliber Marked 30 Government 06 is 30-06 Caliber FYI: The 30-03 while practically unknown is the forerunner of the 30-06. It is identical to the 30-06 except it has a slightly longer case neck than the 30-06. Since the both cartridges headspace on the shoulder, it is safe to fire a 30-06 cartridge in a 30-03 marked rifle, but not the other way around.

What is the ammunition for a hi standard 38 caliber?

It is marked on the barrel.

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