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What is the value of a 940e 28 gauge?


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Assuming you mean the Savage/Stevens 940E single-shot shotgun, about $125 in 28ga in excellent condition.


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Enter "Savage 940E" in Google Images. There are many pics there.

Normally, a utility single shot is worth less than $100 even in the best condition, but the 28 gauge can change that. In the Midwest the gun will not sell at any price and in the Northeast it will bring a premium.

28 gauge with single barrel How do you find its age and value?

I have a Stevens Model 940E,it has a 410 sleave in the gun . It is able to shot 410 as will as it shots 12 gauge when the 410 sleave is taken out. I've had a few guys look at it, they all say they had not seen one before. Is the sleave made for this gun by stevens? ,,

Value of Charles Daly Superior 28 OU 12 Gauge Never Used?

The value of a Winchester model 37-A 28 gauge is dependent upon a number of things. Some of these things would include the age and condition of the Winchester.


12, 16, 20, 28 gauge and .410 bore. The 28 gauge is most rare, worth three to five times the value of the 12 gauge

Shotguns are normally referred to by gauge, not calbier. 28 gauge is .55 inches.

depending on condition, $800.00 to $1700.00

100-300 USD depending on condition.

What year and what is the value of your savage model 28 12 guage full serial # 19495?

The Most recent sale has been $1195.00 for a 1995 Ducks Unlimited Model 12 in 28 gauge.

Remington Model 11-48 (Highest value) Made from 1949 to 1968: 425,000 were made. $300 for all gauges except the 28 gauge. 300 percent for the 28 gauge.

Basically impossible to value with just the serial number.

There is a Noble 12 gauge-2 3/4 inch, 28 inch barrel for $650.00 TR

Depending on the condition it could be worth $50-$125.00. I own 3 that are mint and one that is new in the box. The one new in the box is at best worth $190.00. Hope that helps.

Can't be answered without knowing who made it.

$500 and up, depending on condition

50-1000 USD or more depending on specifics

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