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That inscription means "Federal Republic of Germany," so your coin is probably a standard circulation coin issued during the period 1950-1999. These coins were removed from circulation when the euro was adopted in 2002 and very few of them are worth any more than face value. You can get a rough idea of value in U.S. cents by doubling its denomination in pfennige, remembering that 1 Deutschmark = 100 pfennige.

However, without much more information - denomination, condition, and date, it's not possible to say.

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Q: What is the value of a Bundesrepublik Deutschland coin?
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We need more information. The words "bundesrepublik Deutschland" just mean "Federal Republic of Germany" and are not the actual value of the coin. The coin will have a number on the front, representing its value in Marks (or Pfefning).

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There's no such coin. Germany did not take the name Bundesrepublik Deutschland (German Federal Republic) until 1950.

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Please post a new question with the coin's denomination. It will be shown either in marks or pfennigs.

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It is a German Deutsche Mark.

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Unless the coin is in mint condition and/or has a production flaw rendering it unique it has very little value as it was a coin that was issued in millions.

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How mcuh is a 1949-1969 detsche mark bundesrepublik deutschland coin worth? Very nice conditions.

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'bout half a cent.

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the the

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