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Since there are no IJ collectors bidding these up unless in like-new original condition, it is worth from 1/2 to 2/3 the price of a new single shot or about $45-$60. Or even less if it is rusted or broken. But then, if you can add a few dollars worth of electrical parts to a rusty one, these are offered as floor lamps for $300 or more.

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Q: What is the value of a Champion 20 gauge choke single barrel shotgun?
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What is a shotgun full choke barrel?

A barrel with a full choke.

What is a cylinder bored shotgun barrel?

A shotgun barrel with a cylinder bore choke.

How old is your Iver Johnson's model?

how old is my Iver Johnson single barrel shotgun champion model 3578 C with a 12 gauge choke bore barrel and lug forged in one and approximate value .

What is the value of a 1905 model D single barrel choke bored Diamond Arms shotgun?

The value of a 1905 model D single barrel choke bored Diamond Arms shotgun is actually dependent upon a number of things. Most importantly the condition of the shotgun.

What is a choke bored barrow?

If you mean a choke bored barrel, it designates the amount of constriction a shotgun barrel has.

What is the choke on a Stevens Model 311 Series H Twelve Gauge Shotgun?

They came in various barrel lengths and choke combinations. If it is not marked on the side of the barrel, you will have to pattern the shotgun to determine the choke

12 gauge choke bore barrel lug all in one is a champion made by Iver johnsons?

Yes, I have a 12 gauge choke bore barrel & lug forged in one by Iver Johnsons Arms & Cycle Works. Champion is clearly listed on the shotgun and it was manufactured in Fitchburg, MASS USA.

How old is your champion Iver Johnson arms and cycle it is a 16 gauge single shot shotgun and it has a 16 gauge choke bore barrel the number is 18272XH?

My great-grandmother gave me her's and she purchased her's in 1949.

What is a the value of a Champion 18 gauge full choke barrel shotgun?

A little bit more than a 17 gauge but less than 19 guage.

What do the asterisks mean on shotgun barrels?

They probably denote what choke the barrel has.

What ios the name for the narrowing at the muzzle end of a shotgun barrel?


What shot gun choke is best for shooting buck shot?

Either a full choke,or extra full choke shotgun barrel.

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