What is the value of a Finland 22-250 rifle serial 4943Z5 made by Browning Arms Company?

It depends on the grade of the rifle.The Browning Hi-Power rifle series came in thee grades-Safari,Medallion and Olympian.The Safari is the most common.It can be identified by only having light scroll engraving on the floor plate and trigger guard.The Medallion grade will have a gold ram's head engraved on the floorplate,and the action and first inch or so of the barrel with be engraved in scroll.It will also have a rosewood forend tip and grip cap.The Olympian grade has an action that is French grayed,and fully engraved with animal scenes (usually four). A Safari Grade 22/250 in good condition would bring between $800-$1300,depending on the exact condition.A Medallion grade would be worth $2500-$4000,and an Olympian grade would be between $8,000-$10,000.