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What is the value of a Hopkins and Allen shotgun?


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2010-01-13 19:31:52
2010-01-13 19:31:52

I hope someone answers this. I too have an old Hopkins & Allen 12 GA double barrel that I would like to know the value of. Someone told me that typically, the Hopkins & Allen brand was mostly a mail order product long ago. I've been told that as it was a mail order product, most likely there were a fair amount of these produced & the value probably was not substantial. I'm not a gun expert, but I have been to a fair amount of gun shows & thumbed through allot of gun books. I've never seen another Hopkins & Allen shotgun just like mine. I've seen a few that were similar, but not the same. One interesting thing on my shotgun is that every mating part has the serial # stamped on it. (a 4 digit #) I really like my old Hopkins & Allen, it has the external hammers to fire it. One of the hammers does not lock correctly, you have to pull the trigger forward for that hammer to get it to lock. I think a spring completes that task inside the gun normally, but mine has a broken one. The other hammer works correctly though. I used to use the gun a lot partridge hunting years ago & did some trap shooting with it too. I believe mine belonged to my great grandfather & when I'm done with it, I will hand it down to my boy. I won't part with it.


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I have a Hopkins Allen shot gun 44 cal. model 299 it was my grandmothers can you help me anyone.

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