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If it has the bolt, it is worth about $60 which is the amount Sears will pay through their recall program on that shotgun. More input from FAQ Farmer Charles: "the gun was made in 1948 the 12 gauge models is getting scarce. In good condition and complete are woth between 75 and 100 dollars . JCHiggins collector like myself would pay more. I own one of these it has been in the family for more than fifty years it has been and still is one of the safest most reliable gun s I have ever owned. There was a bogus Recall by Sears of this gun they gave a fifty dollar gift card for the bolt which ruins the gun. I will pay 100 dollars for the bolt."

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Q: What is the value of a JC Higgins 12 gauge bolt action Model 58316?
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What year was the JC Higgins 12 gauge bolt action shotgun model 58316 made?

The JC Higgins 583.16 is a bolt-action 12ga shotgun made for Sears by High Standard in 1948/1949.

Which company made the JC Higgins 12 Gauge Bolt action Model 5834 shotgun?

what is the value of the jc Higgins model 5834 today

Is a 16 gauge j.c. Higgins model 583.8 bolt action valuable?

Under $150.

Where is the serial number on a model 583.9 JC Higgins 20 Ga bolt action shotgun?

what is a J C Higgins Model 583.9 20 gauge worth

What is the value of J C Higgins 16 gauge bolt action model 583-1100?


What is a 12 gauge J C Higgins bolt action Model 58317 worth?

Up to $125.

You need the bolt for a JCS Higgins 20 gauge model 583.15 Bolt action?

looking for parts

What is the value of a 20 gauge bolt action JC Higgins model 58319?

50-160 USD

What is the value of a 16 gauge JC Higgins Model 583.11 bolt action shotgun?

Retail tops out at $120.

What is the value of a J C Higgins model 2012 gauge 583.59?

The value of a JC Higgins model 2012 gauge 583.59 is $250.

Need a Manual for a JCS Higgins 20 Gauge Bolt action model 583.15?

It will not be easy to find a manual for a JCS Higgins 20 gauge bolt action model 583.15 shotgun. The company, JC Higgins is no longer around and has been replaced by the company, Ted Williams. The company, Ted Williams may be able to help someone find a similar model manual.

What is a 12 gauge j c higgins lever action model 583.23 worth?

its a bolt action and they are worth about 150.00 or so in good condition

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