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They are still worth one-dollar. If you ordered a proof coin from the mint, it is worth more.

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The Buchanan dollar was minted in 2010, and is worth exactly one dollar.

The Buchanan dollar was minted in 2010.

$1. It is not gold, and was not made in 1801. It is a modern coin worth only the face value.

What you presumably have is a James Buchanan presidential dollar coin. It was minted in 2010 and is worth one dollar.

Yes, on a dollar coin in the "Presidential Dollars" series. It was released on August 19th, 2010.

The James Garfield dollar coin was minted in 2011, and is worth exactly one dollar.

That's one of the modern presidential dollars, and is worth one dollar.

A James Monroe $1 coin is worth exactly one dollar.

If this question is about the coin's value, it's worth one dollar.

This coin would have to be seen before an accurate estimate of value could be made.

It's a modern presidential dollar coin, minted in 2009. The coin is worth exactly one dollar.

Only $1 unless in mint packaging. The coins are in common circulation and worth no more than face value.

Unless it's Proof or Uncirculated still in the Mint package, the coin is face value.

There's no US coin called an "old buck coin". What you have is a modern Presidential dollar worth face value only. The dates 1857-1861 are the years that James Buchanan served in office. The minting date 2010 is on the coin's edge.

A "one dollar" coin has the value of one dollar!

These are general issue coins. An uncirculated one might sell for $2 at a coin shop. One that you get in your change is worth $1.

It's part of the current Presidential Dollar series and its value is one dollar. The coin is made of brass, not gold.

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