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At least a few hundred if its authentic. He is a very valuable player on LA Galaxy. He is actually the lead goal scorer. Although he doesn't get as much attention as Beckham he is just as skilled. He is also a valuable player for the US national team. People would deffinatley pay a few hundred for his autograph.

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What is the birth name of Landon Donovan?

Landon Donovan's birth name is Landon Timothy Donovan.

What nationality is landon Donovan?

Landon Donovan is from the United States of America

Is Landon Donovan player of the year?

Yes Landon Donovan is player of the year.

When was Landon Donovan born?

Landon Donovan was born on March 4, 1982.

Religion of Landon Donovan?

Landon Donovan was raised Catholic.continues to believe in God every day.

What nicknames does Landon Donovan go by?

Landon Donovan goes by Baby Jesus, Cakes, and Beast.

Does Landon Donovan have the Swine Flu?

Yes, Landon Donovan has tested positive for the swine flu, or H1N1.

How old is Landon Donovan?

Landon Donovan is 36 years old (birthdate: March 4, 1982).

Is Landon Donovan Single?

no why

Is landon Donovan a babe?


Who is landon donovan sponsored by?


Is landon Donovan a Cuban?

No, he is from California

How tall is landon donovan?


What position does Landon Donovan play?

Landon Donovan is mainly an attacking midfielder/winger, but also plays as a striker/second striker

What is Landon Donovan's birthday?

Landon Donovan was born on March 4, 1982.

What are the release dates for CenterStage - 2002 Landon Donovan?

CenterStage - 2002 Landon Donovan was released on: USA: 13 September 2010

What is the key player of US?

Landon Donovan

What sport does Landon Donovan play?


What is landon donovan phone number?


What is Landon Donovan's ancestry?

Landon Donovan, American soccer player, is of Irish descent.

When did Landon donovan become captain of the us soccer team?

Landon Donovan isn't captain of the US National Team, Carlos Bocanegra is captain.

Is landon Donovan Christian?

Yes, he is as Christian as they come.

Who is married to Landon Donovan?

he is married to Bianca Kajlich

Best US soccer player?

Landon Donovan.

Does Landon Donovan have any kids?

no he got a divorce