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I have a 142k and it is a nice and fun rifle, no many out there but the last time that I check I had spotted one in GUNSAMERICA for $200, $250 in excellent conditions.

In the Gun Value Book 2006 it goes for $140 excellent / $110 VGood and $70 in NRA good conditions. No much in $

My suggestion it to keep it and have fun with it, if you need parts NUMRICH GUN PARTS have everything for this little rifles, ever the hard to find replacement Magazines. I'm saving mine for my son first rifle. it is compact and reasonable accurate.

Hope this help


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โˆ™ 2008-02-16 00:40:38
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Q: What is the value of a Mossberg 142k in very good condition?
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What is the value of mossberg 385 ka 20gauge shotgun?

In good condition about $5000 dollars.

What is the value of a mossberg 500A 12 ga?

I have sold a dozen of them in good condition from $125.00 to $175.00.

What is the value of a Mossberg 835 shotgun in good condition?

100-400 USD depending on specifics

What is the value of a Wards Western Fields 93M-497A in working and good condition?

your wards firearm is actually a mossberg model 42C that was made by mossberg for montgomery wards(Western field).The mossberg model 42C was made between the years 1938-1941.These range in price from 65-175 dollars,depending on condition and a good bore.

What is the value of a Mossberg Model 341 long rifle bolt action in very good condition?

Around $175- $225 is what I've seen .

What is the value of a mossberg 12 gauge model 500AL auto-choke Used but in Very Good Condition?

Most models of the Mossberg model 500 shotgun will range in price from 100-200 dollars.

Wards western field no.45 b22 s-l-lr pat pend?

Manufactured by Mossberg. Value in good, complete, operating condition is about $125

What is the value of a Mossburg Model 46b-b .22 cal rifle?

EXCELLENT target rifles. (BTW, it is spelled Mossberg) There is some collector interest in these. Depending on condition and completeness (missing sights are expensive to replace) these may sell for $125-$200 for a specimen in very good condition. For some more info on Mossberg 22s, Google "epix mossberg models".

Is the model 190 Mossberg bolt design safe?

If in good condition Yes. I have a Mossberg Model 185 and 190 and squirrel hunt with them all the time.

What is a mossberg 152 rifle in good condition worth?

The 152 (forearm folds down, box magazine) AND the 152K (longer barrel Schnabel forearm, tube magazine in butt) both have a minor collector following- and are good shooters. Value from $125-$200, depending on condition and completeness. Missing rear peep sights are expensive to replace, and would drop value by 25%. For more info on many Mossberg 22s, google epix mossberg models- damguy has a great blog with photos of Mossbergs, year of manufacture, etc.

What is the age and value of a Mossberg Son model 151k?

The Model 151k was produced 1950-51. The average value for the model in good condition is approximately $100-$150. It is one of my favorite guns to shoot. Very accurate.

Whats the value and year made of a Revelation 16 gauge Model 350A?

Your model 350A was made by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards.The Mossberg model 350A was made from 1960-1968.The value will range between 40-160 dollars depending on overall condition and a good bore.

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