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$150-$250, depending on condition and the exact manufacturer.


check Cabelas for a new one. used ones are going to be going pretty cheap unless there in excelent condition even then you'll be lucky to get a $100. the 1858 Remington model has the top strap and is better if you plan on shooting it a lot, brass frames don't hold up well either.

If you're going target shooting or even using it for hunting, the brass frame will do just fine. I own five .44 cal. 1858 Remington New Army Revolvers, three brass frames with one being the Bison and two steel frames, and I paid $20.00 for a brass frame about 30 years ago and the rest I got within the last two years to present and paid $150.00 - $275. 00 each for them. You can get them at gun shows at around $150.00 for a good used one to $300.00 for a new one and even up to $600 + on a fancy engraved one. An original 1858 Remington will set you back around $600.00 +.

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Q: What is the value of a Pietta Italy 44 black powder revolver?
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How do you look up serial number Pietta Italy 44 black powder revolver?

not likely anyone keeps data on re-pro black powder pistols................

What is the value of a Pietta Italy 44 black powder serial 567109?

100-300 USD

What is the value of a pietta Italy 44 black powder serial 224283?

depending on condition $150 - $250

What is the value of a pietta black powder 44 serial number 399841?

20-300 usd

How much is my 44 caliber F Lli Pietta new army 12 inch barrel black powder Polished stainless steel revolver worth?

Stainless steel, brand new retails for about $400

How can you find out if you have an original black powder revolver?

Read the markings on it. If it says Italy or Spain somewhere it is probably a reproduction. If it says BLACK POWDER ONLY, it is definitely a repro because they didn't know that smokeless powder was going to be invented.

Can you change a Pietta 44 cal black powder to a 45 long colt?

Nope. Frame not designed for that energy.

What is the .44 black powder revolver limited edition worth?

Black powder 44 cal. Limited Edition, 1 of 5,000. F.llipietta-made in Italy, #sg4784. What is the market price today? Thank you.

What happens if you put to much powder in your black powder revolver?

Chances are that if you overload the charge in a revolver style black powder pistol, you can blow up the cylinder or blow the barrel off the end of the gun.

Is a black powder revolver in a backpack concealed?

Yes it is concealed, but not illegal because black powder firearms are not considered a "firearm".

What is the legal age for buying a black powder revolver?

The BATFE website has the answer.

Revolver rifle black powder all caliber's?


How many grains of black powder do you use per chamber in a walker colt revolver?

You need to consult a Black Powder loading manual

Is a black powder revolver considered a muzzleloader?

In the technical sense no it is not loaded via the muzzle of the gun, black powder revolver is accurate as terms go, but they do fall under the blanket of "muzzle loader" in general terms.

Is there a black powder revolver with a 209 primer?

There are none produced that I know of, a 209 primer would be over kill in a revolver due to the small chamber and lower amounts of powder.

Anything about a black powder pistol made by Richland arms Co made in Italy?

Richland Arms imported BP guns back in the 70's and 80's mostly Italian and Spanish made guns. Pietta and Armi San Marco were the most popular makers imported. They were located in Blissfield MI. As for value, compare to F Lilli Pietta.

Who invented the first commercially-successful revolver?

black power or cartridge rounds? Colt made the first "practical" revolver, so this was the first commercially successful cartridge revolver. I can't say about black powder... but you should read this: <><><> The first Colt revolvers were black powder handguns. The self contained cartridge was invented later.

What type of black powder do you use in a 44 cal revolver pistol?

Most recommend is 3F powder, either true black powder or the "synthetic" or black powder substitute equivalent and between 25 and 30 grains should due nicely.

Navy arms co ridgefield NJ black powder 44 cal made in Italy 207499 what year it was made?

Navy Arms imported from a number of manufacturers over the years but most were from Pietta, The only number that fits from Pietta is 1995 manufacture #s 184657 - 210667 You can also look for a series of roman numerals or pair of letters stamped on the frame BF= 1995.

Cal31 black powder only made in Italy?


What gun maker made a 44 black powder pistol with a letter p overlaping a r?

I think what you are seeing is in actuality PN which is a proof mark and stands for polvo negro or black powder. It is most likely a pietta or san Marco made gun.

Can you use FF powder in a black powder revolver?

Yes , but FFFG is recommended because it burns better in small cal. firearms.

What is the value of .44 cal Asm black powder pistol made in Italy serial no E20339?

Armi San Marco made many different model replica percussion revolvers. You would have to know what model revolver your have plus any markings on revolver.

How do you get the wedge out of a fllipietta black powder revolver that seem to be stuck?

Seek the services of a gun smith.

Where are Lyman black powder rifles made?

Investarms of Italy