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Remington never made a Model 1905 22 rifle.

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Q: What is the value of a Remington 1905 youth 22 pump rifle?
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What is the value of a Savage model 1905 22 rifle?

800.00 to 1000.00

What is the value of your Remington 12 gauge pump stamped 1903-1905 umc trademark?

what is my 12 gauge pump Remington trademark stamped 1903 may 5 to may 5 1905 serial number u 60212

What is the value of a ross hunting rifle made in 1905 in Canada?

approximately 1,200 dollars if working

What is the value of a 1903 springfield rock island arsenal rifle serial number 26947?

made about 1905. value depends on overall condition

What years was the model 6 Remington boys rifle produced?

The Remington Model 6 was produced from 1905 until around 1930 in .22 and .32 rimfire calibers. Some variations had smooth bore barrels that fired shot loads in the previously mentioned calibers.

Was the Remington model 10 shotgun made before 1911 and what the value might be of one made around 1905 to 1907?

The Remington Repeating Shotgun was introduced in 1907. The name was changed to the Model 10 in 1911. In excellent condition, it has a blue book value around $300.

When was the Remington Model 11 made?

1905 til' 1949

What is the value of a 1905 22 caliber savage pump rifle with octagon barrel?

What is the value of a 1905 Remington Model 10-A Shotgun?

It's not a 1905 that's just a patent date, they actually didn't make them that early could find year by serial. BUT - just like a car is it in the showroom or the junkyard, value is determined by condition, condition, condition, and condition.

What is the 1905 model worth?

Model 1905 WHAT? What make? Rifle, pistol, or shotgun?

What years did Remington make the model 11?

1905 thru 1948

When was the Remington improved model 6 22 rifle manufactured?

1929 to 1933 The Improved version of the Remington model 6 became available circa 1905, and featured a blue frame in 24 in. barrel. Production continued until 1933. The earlier models had the original case colored frame.