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What is the value of a Remington 870 ducks unlimited?


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2010-04-29 20:57:40
2010-04-29 20:57:40

Around $300 to $250


A brand new 870 costs about that much, so a used commemorative edition should be around this price. Being the "special" commemorative that is, I'm sure someone would pay a little more if it is in nice condition.

Note: There is also a lmtd. ed. 870 D.U. Tribute version that has a 24 kt gold engraved receiver. I have seen this one sell for as much as $2,000. 300 were produced and the number is listed on the bottom of the receiver.


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Remington 870 pumps max out at $250

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i want to find out the value of a 1950s Winchester Remington repeater model 870

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Remington does not show a 870 rifle on their web site. Do you mean the 870 Shotgun? the Remington 870 is one of the most popular shotguns in the us. this shotgun ranges from $300 for the basic model to $1000 for the fancy Wingmaster edition

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Pretty cheap. About 300 or a little more.

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