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Depends on the condition; could be as high as $350 in good condition, as verifiable by being able to takedown the stock from the barrel/action. There is a tendency for corrosion to occur UNDER the Zytel material of the forearm (the same area that seems to prevent removal of barreled action from the stock)

IF you find out how to do a takedown, PLEASE post info to the Web, as I have yet to find a way to do this (and I bought a new Nylon 12 over 44 years ago! This in spite of having several takedown manuals that say "Now remove the takedown screw and lift stock from barrel/action"!!)

The way that you take it down is with the xcrew that take the tube magazine off. Then there is a pin that connects the barrel to the action. Just look at where the barel attaches and you will see it. You do have to remove the back site. Once this is done the action come out.

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Q: What is the value of a Remington nylon 12?
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value of your Remington nylon 11 is from $500-700, there is one for sale on guns America now listed for $660.

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Depending on condition, about $170-$250 (for an excellent specimen) There is a fair collector interest in the Remington Nylon rifles, although the semi-autos get the most attention.

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I have seen one 200$ CAN, and was in good condition,

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If this is a nylon 11 it is worth about $100 in good condition.

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Purple wasn't a Remington color.

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it looks like in the blue book that the mod.# is nylon 66

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There is a video on how to assemble and disassemble a nylon 66 on

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what is the value of the Remington 1100

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The Remington nylon 10s were made (1962-1964) before serial numbers were required (1968)and I think all of them were made without a SN.

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How do you clean a Remington Nylon 12?

Answer I've never even seen a bolt action version of the Remington Nylon 22's. So, I won't guess this one. Try eBay. There is a guy selling copies of the Original Manual for this gun. Reference: eBay Item number: 140197267991 (bidding ends Jan 16)

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What is a remington nylon 12 22 rifle worth?

These guns are averaging around 950 dollars right now. You can earn more depending on the condition of your gun.