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What is the value of a Savage Model 29 B rifle?

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In truly excellent condition, $350-$400. In typical condition, $200-$250.

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What year was the savage rifle model 29 made?

The Savage rifle model 29 was produced from 1929 to 1967. Model 29s in excellent condition sell for as much as $450.

How old is Savage 22 model 29?

The savage model 29 slide action .22cal rifle was made from 1929-1967.

How old is wards westernfield 22 rifle model 80?

If your Wards western field is marked M080,then you have a Savage model 29&model 75.The model 29 was made by Savage from 1929-1967.these were a .22cal slide action rifle with a 22 in barrel in a octagon shape until 1940,and round shape after World War II.I believe that these were re introduced in the 1960,s as the Savage model 75.

What is the value of a Savage Model 29 with an octagonal barrel?

a common price range value of 150.00 to 225.00

What is value a 300 Savage model 20 serial 10903?

A Savage model 20 in .300 caliber in NRA 90+ condition could bring $800 or more. The rifle would have to be in original condition with no attempts to restore. GunsAmerica had a model 20 go through on 11/29 for $895.

What is the year and value of a Savage Arms 22 Model 29 pump rifle serial number 128250?

I dont know of a particular serial number breakdown for the Savage Model 29. A good rule of thumb for that model is that octagon barrels are pre-WW2, round barrels after. Value is based on condition. Without knowing that, figure on a low of $50 for a parts gun to $300 for an excellent example.

When was your wards western field model sb80a serial 25822 made?

Your Western field model sb80A was made by the Savage arms company.the Savage model 29-DI is the same firearm as yours.The Savage model 29 was made from 1929-1967.You will have to contact Savage directly and see if they can provide the exact year of production for your Montgomery Wards(western field) .22cal rifle.

Where can you find information about a 22 caliber Sears Robuck Ranger 102.35 pump rifle?

The rifle you have was made by savage .Not much info out there on them but it is a model 29 savage if the stock is checkerd And a model 25 if not. I have one in my shop at this time that I'm working on They are a nice little gun . Joe

What is a keystone 22 pump worth?

It is POSSIBLE you have a rifle sold by the Edward K Tryon Co of Philadelphia. They were a well known sporting goods company. Many firms had guns made for them, marked with their own brands. Your rifle MAY be a Savage model 29. The link below shows pictures of a Savage 29- see if yours looks like those. Value of a Savage 29, depending on condition, is $250-$300. Store brand guns are typically 5-10% less.

Where can you find information on the Wards Wester Field model 80a 22 sl lr?

Cannot find a cross reference for an 80A, but if you rifle is a .22 pump, it is likely a Savage Mdl 29. These were sold by Wards as their Model 80. The Savage 29 was made from 1939-1967.

What is the value J C Higgins model 29 22 rifle?

depending on condition 100 bucks

How do you disassemble Savage model 29?

To disassemble Savage Model 29, separate the operating handle from the breech bolt. Move it halfway before pushing down.

When was the western field model 80 A manufactured?

Your western field model 80A was made for Montgomery wards by the savage gun company.There model was the model 29.these model 29 savage,s were produced from 1929-1967.

When was the Wards Western Field Model SB 80A pump action 22 made and what is its value?

Made by Savage, and is a version of their Model 29 slide-action rifle. That model was made from before World War 2 through the 1960's. Would have to see the gun to get close on age.

Would anyone know where to find a Meriden model 15 firing pin?

Since Meriden stopped production in 1918 the firing pin will have to be made. The model 15 was made from a savage patent so you might be able to adapt a firing pin from an early model savage rifle. I saw a picture of the model 15 on the web and it looks a lot like the savage model 29 that was made in 1929-1933.

What is the value of a marlin model 29 Serial?

Your Marlin model 29 slide action .22cal rifle which was made from 1913-1916 will bring between 150-300 dollars for a rifle showing between 50%-90% of its original finish and a decent bore.

Where can you find information on the Wards Western Field 22 cal SL LR rifle model number sb 80a?

Your rifle was made by Savage for Montgomery Wards (it is a Savage Model 29 D1) These had a VERY long production life- late 1920s to about 1967. Very nice little rifles- values for a good specimen can run $200 and up.

What is the age and value of a 22 caliber Whippet Model U pump rifle?

Whippet was a brand name used by the HD Folsom company on guns it made for the Hibbard, Spencer and Bartlett hardware chain. Folsom and Savage did a lot of business in the 1930's so it is possible that Stevens may have used the Whippet name when they merged with Savage. If I had to guess, I would say it's most likely a Stevens Model 29. The Model 29 was made between 1895-1935. Value depends on conditon. I have seen them run from 75-500.

Savage Model 2 22 pump action It has been in my family since it was new I cannot find any information on this model or it's value?

Savage never made a model 2 pump action. They made the model 1903, 1909, 1914, 25, 29, 29a and 29b.

Who made the j c Higgins model 29 rifle in 22 cal?

AnswerJ.C Higgins Model 29 was manufactured for Sears by Hi Standard:Not all J C Higgins were made by Hi Standard, but this model was.Marlin, Winchester, Browning and Savage also made guns for Sears.

What is the value of a Savage Arms 22 cal pump action rifle with an octagonal barrel with serial no 13549 worth?

I am going to assume that you have a savage model 29 pump action .22cal rifle.These were made with a octagon barrel up to 1940.these 22 cal rifles range in price from 220-350 dollars depending on condition.

What is the age and worth of a Savage Arms Corp 22 rifle Model 29B 22 long or short?

The model 29 began production 1929, and changed production at an unknown date (possibly right after WW 2) and ended production in 1967. Value will be based on condition, but may range from $200-$350.

What is the value of a Western field Browning model 80 12 gage pump shot gun and where can you have it reconditioned?

Plese check your information and re-ask the question. A Western Field model 80 is a copy of the Savage .22 pump rifle known as the Savage model 29. Western Field was sold through Montgomery Wards and the WF name was put on hundreds of different models from many different well know arms makers.

What is the value sw 44mag model 29 10.63in barrel?

what is the value of a s&w model 29 with a 10.63 barrel

What is the value of a savage .22 model 29 A serial number 50860L?

I have seen them sell on auction sights from 175-400 dollars,depending on overall condition.