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What is the value of a Stevens 22 Model 58?


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The value of a Stevens 22 Model 58 shotgun depends on its condition. In mint condition, this shotgun is valued at about 450 US dollars.


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The Stevens model 58 was made between 1933-1945.

your Stevens model 58 was made from 1933-1945 with a total production of 29,500.

Your Stevens model 58 was made between the years 1933-1945,with a total production of 29,500 made.

The value of these shotguns is not very much.These range in price from 60-140 dollars.

$85 on average. Up to around $100 in good condition.

$75 to $100 depending on condition. They average $85.

Fairly rare model. If it is in top condition, it can bring over $700.

The savage/stevens model 58 was made during the years 1933-1945,with a total production of 29,500 firearms made.

The savage/stevens model 58 was made during the years 1933-1945.

My records indicate that the Savage/stevens No 58 were made from 1933-1945.there were a total of 29,500 made during this time span.

try they might have parts

I found this . It sold for $235.00

Gun shop, gun show, want ads.

The Stevens Model 58 Salvage Shotgun with no serial number was probably manufactured in the early 1940's in Chicopee Falls MASS. It's value could range from $400.00 to $ 1500.00 depending on condition. If it has the Chicopee Falls Mass manufacturer on the barrel a good starting point is $ 500.00 and up depending on condition.

Not alotHi, a Stevens model 58 price will vary by gauge and condition. The book value on these guns is around 25-50 dollars. Fortunately, these were guns that many people learned to shoot with and they must have loved it, these are the people that will pay good money to get one. I haven't seen one on the internet go for less than 150 and they can go higher depending on condition. My advice, hold on to it, don't do anything to it, it will become more of a collector someday.

Book value is $25-$100 depending on condition, but sentimental value can take them as high as $150-$175.

The Model 58 was manufactured from 1933 to 1945, but I don't know if all three gauges were available from the start of production or if some were added later.

Standard grade Model 58 shotguns sell in the $175-$250 range.

Try Numrich Otherwise, you can Google it.

If it is in working order and in good condition, $50 - $100. Seen the refinished ones go for as high as $350-$400

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