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There are 17 different models of the Stevens Favorite listed in the Standard Catalog of Firearms. Except for the 1st Model (has a removable sideplate) and the Ladies Model (checkered walnut stock and Swiss buttplate), the suggested values in NRA Good condition range from $150 to $250. Some versions were made from 1893 to 1939, others were introduced and discontinued at various times during that period. You might want to find a copy of the Catalog or Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms to determine exactly which model you have.


Related Questions Depending on the condition the value could be $350 or more.

The Stevens 1915 Favorite is not a pump-action rifle. It is a single-shot. First we need to figure out which model you actually have.

this is my favorite bird gun. the value seems to run 250 to 400, depending on the conditon.

How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ? How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ? How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ?

The Stevens model 15 favorite was made from 1915-1940.

The value of a J Stevens Arms 22 LR with Octagon barrel would depend on a couple different things. The most important being the condition.

The Stevens Favorites were made from 1893 to 1939. The name "J. Stevens Arms Co" was used from 1920 to about 1948. So yours was made between 1920 and 1939.AnswerI have a Favorite model J Stevens Arms Co rifle that has 1915 stamped on it. It has a hexagon barrel, in very good shape and I believe worth between 4-$600.

What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun? What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun?

that is pretty vague but it should say Stevens favorite on the top of the receiver and have j stenens tool company on the left side of the barrel.

i have a stevens model 34m what is its value looks in excellent condition

Stevens had the "Favorite" line of .22 rifles.

Depending on condition, the value of a Stevens Model 1244 is about $100-150 in 2011.

what is the value of a Stevens modle 49 22 cal pump rifle.

Blue Book of Gun Values shows $165 - $195 for a Stevens Favorite in 80% - 90% original finish. Standard Catalog of Firearms separates several different models and values in Good condition range from $200 to $250. i'VE JUST PURCHASED A MODEL 17 FAVORITE STEVENS AND IN MY RESEARCH, I"VE FOUND ALEAST 5 DIFFERANT MODELS OF THIS RIFLE MADE. GO TO WWW.WISNERSINC.COM FOR SOME GOOD INFO !!!!

value of Stevens model 94 long tom perfect condition

That's April 17 1894. It is a version of the Stevens Favorite boy's rifle. Value ranges from under $100 for beat-to-hell to several hundred for really nice original condition.

What is the value of a Stevens model 940b 16 gauge single shot? And when was it made?

would like to know the value of j. Stevens 1913 single action/brake action

The value of Stevens model 124b shotgun is about anywhere from 800 to 1600 dollars depending on the shape of the gun

Value of a 1907 Stevens Jr 22 calibar rifle

value of a model 1915 22 long rifle, snw465 or 466 j stevens arms company

This is probably an 1894 Favorite. Depending on condition, it is worth $125(poor) to $400 (excellent). A drawback is the scarcity of .25-caliber ammunition.

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